Global Voices Story Pitching Form

Welcome to the Global Voices (GV) story pitching platform. We greatly appreciate your interest in contributing to GV!

Please note that we are a volunteer-based organization, which means you will receive no payment for your story if it is published. Contributors to GV tend to be motivated by a desire to share their unique perspectives on events in their countries, and to bring global awareness to local issues. By filling in this form, you agree that you will receive no financial compensation for the story mentioned in the pitch below.

This form is designed to help us think through our approach to a story before writing, and to keep editors informed about stories in the pipeline. Doing this kind of advance preparation should help make the editing and publishing process smoother and faster.

In planning your story pitch this form, keep in mind that GV stories should meet the following criteria: INTEGRITY, BRIDGING, ORIGINALITY, EQUALITY OF REPRESENTATION.

INTEGRITY = the information in the story is based on verifiable facts, and the story is not plagiarized

BRIDGING = the story attempts to forge connections across communities, countries, regions, languages or audiences

ORIGINALITY = the story has not been previously reported, or not in the way you propose

EQUALITY OF REPRESENTATION = in the story under/misrepresented communities are given fair representation We appreciate your time and care in completing this form—we estimate that it should not take you more than 10-15 minutes. Thank you!

  • Questions to consider: What is the story about (topic, theme)? Where and when does the story take place? Who are the main people who figure in the story?
  • Factors that make a writer well positioned to write a story include: you are a member of the affected community; you have special knowledge of the topic; you have access to people affected by the issue that you can interview.
  • This can mean a focus on enabling access to the internet for marginalized or underrepresented/marginalized communities or facilitating their online participation through initiatives, tools, or other projects.
  • All stories will go through the regular editing process, of course!

NOTE: Global Voices stories are published under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.  This allows GV stories to not only be translsated into other languages, but also to be republished by individuals and organizations on condition that they adhere to our attribution guidelines. Our Creative Commons licence permits republishers to make amendments to our work, so outlets republishing GV stories may make changes to the original story, including editing the text, changing headline, and using different photos.  A key condition of our attribution guidelines is that republishers must include a link back to the original story.