Japan Earthquake 2011

Photo from March 11 earthquake in Japan shared by @mitsu_1024 (via wikitree.co.kr)

Photo from March 11 earthquake in Japan shared by @mitsu_1024 (via wikitree.co.kr)

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On Friday, March 11, 2011 at 2:46:23 p.m. local time, an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan, the largest in recorded history. The resulting tsunami that swept the coast resulted in over 10,000 deaths and widespread destruction. One of the key stories of the disaster was the damage sustained to the coastal Fukushima nuclear power station as a result of the quake and tsunami; workers battled for days to avoid a meltdown at the plant.

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24 Sep – Japan: Citizens Respond to New Nuclear Power Policies
20 Sep – Japan: Fukushima Nuclear Cleanup Worker Dangers Revealed
20 Mar – Video: Surfers, Fishermen and Radiation in Post Earthquake Japan
12 Mar – Brazil: Mihoko Satou, a Bridge-Blogger After the Japan Earthquake
17 Feb – Japan: Netizens Cast Doubt on Anti-Nuclear Power Poster


15 Aug – Japan: How to Unplug Your Life and Save Electricity
14 Jul – Japan: Indie Music Rocks the Nukes
10 Jul – Japan: A Fukushima Poet Tweets His Verses
22 May – Japan: Aiding the Aid Workers
12 Apr – Fukushima: Public Criticism and a Rising Anger
06 Apr – Japan: “The Fear of Magnitude 0″
02 Apr – Southeast Asia: Media Says Sorry Over ‘Insensitive’ Japan Posts

March 2011

31 Mar – Japan: The Tsunami, God and Man
27 Mar – Japan: Relief Tweets for Refugee Parents
24 Mar – Japan: The Importance of Getting Back to Normal
23 Mar – Serbia: Returning Gratitude for the Japanese Donations
19 Mar – Bulgaria: Offering Shelter to Japanese Earthquake Victims
19 Mar – Japan: “The Light and Darkness of Social Media”
19 Mar – Japan: Wondering About the Meaning of Life
19 Mar – Japan: Tweeting from Fukushima
18 Mar – Japan: Good Wishes and Prayers Sent Through Video
17 Mar – Japan: Crisis Management PR Lessons from Cabinet Secretary Edano
17 Mar – Japan: Citizen Videos of the Earthquake
17 Mar – Japan: Anime Explains Current Nuclear Crisis
16 Mar – South Korea: Old Feuds Forgotten as Koreans React to Japan Quake
16 Mar – USA: Science Bloggers Explain Earthquakes and Tsunamis
16 Mar – Philippines: Bloggers Dispel Japan Nuclear Scare Hoax
16 Mar – China: Salt Radiation Rumors Fuel Widespread Panic Buying
16 Mar – Japan: Earthquakes Moving South? Anxiety Builds in Kansai
16 Mar – Japan: Social Art and Design for Earthquake Relief
16 Mar – Ukraine: Comparing Fukushima to Chernobyl?
15 Mar – Japan: Frustrations from the Overlooked
15 Mar – Japan: Waiting for the Right Moment to Help
15 Mar – USA: Science Bloggers Explain Fukushima
15 Mar – Japan: Tell the World to Help
14 Mar – Russia: Fukushima Plant Disaster Triggers Nuclear Power Debate
14 Mar – Japan: On Catastrophes and Miracles, a Personal Account
14 Mar – Japan: “Not That Sound Again”
13 Mar – Japan: Social Translation in Times of Crisis
13 Mar - Japan: Toxic Rain, Earthquake Weapons and Other False Rumors
13 Mar – Peru: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Affect Peruvians
13 Mar – Japan: “Why do we need nuclear power?”
13 Mar – Japan: Onagawa, the Hometown I Once Knew
12 Mar – Japan: Fear in Fukushima
12 Mar – Taiwan: Reflection on Japan Earthquake
11 Mar – Japan: Tsunami Strikes Coast, Leaves Nothing in Wake
11 Mar – Japan: In Tokyo after the Earthquake
11 Mar – Quake in Japan: Tokyo Tower Bent by Quake
11 Mar – Largest Earthquake in Recorded History in Japan


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