Morocco Protests 2011

Rabat, Morocco protests, 20 February, 2011. Image by

Rabat, Morocco protests, 20 February, 2011. Image by


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Since the fall of the Egyptian president, Moroccans have been planning a movement of their own. On February 20, 2011, (#Feb20) the “movement for dignity” protested the frustration of some Moroccans with a government they believe has done little to combat corruption. The protesters are demanding constitutional reform, the dissolution of parliament, and the lowering of food prices, among other things.

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15 Feb – Morocco: Student Jailed for Insulting King in Video
02 Jan – From Sidi Bouzid to Kinshasa: Francophone Africa in 2011


27 Dec – Morocco: The Tale of the February 20 Movement in 20 Videos
28 Nov – Morocco: Islamist PJD Victory in Post-Reform Parliamentary Election
21 Nov – Morocco: Online Debates Rage Days Ahead of Parliamentary Elections
13 Sep – Morocco: Multiple Arrests Against Activists
03 Aug – Morocco: Militant Website Sustains DDoS Attack
15 Jul – Morocco: A Personal Tale of Protest
05 Jul – Morocco: Protests Over Reform Continue
05 Jul – Morocco: Reform With the Taste of an Unfinished Business
01 Jul – Morocco: A New Constitution Without Much Reform
03 Jun – Morocco: Pro-Democracy Movement Faces State Repression
02 May – Morocco: Bloggers React to Marrakech Attack
17 Apr – Morocco: Controversy Over International Music Festival
03 Apr – Morocco: Tweet Your Way To Change
22 Mar – Morocco: The Winds of Change
20 Mar – Morocco: Peaceful Marches Across the Kingdom
10 Mar – Morocco: King's Speech Tweeted
06 Mar – Morocco: Casablanca Protest Draws Thousands
04 Mar – Morocco: Fadoua Laroui, our own Mohamed Bouazizi
22 Feb – Morocco: King Sets Up Economic and Social Council
21 Feb – Morocco: Portraits of a Protest
21 Feb – Morocco: Explaining the Protests
20 Feb – Morocco: In Marrakech, Destruction Amidst Peaceful Protest
20 Feb – Morocco: Across the Nation, Demonstration
20 Feb – Arab World: The Uprisings Continue
19 Feb – Morocco: “I am Moroccan, and I Will Take Part”
17 Feb – Morocco: ‘Movement for Dignity’ Planned for 20 February, 2011
01 Feb – Arab World: A Revolution Time-Table



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