Mexico's Drug War

Mexican march for peace. Image by Juan Manuel Cruz Avila, copyright Demotix (09/05/11).

Mexican march for peace. Image by Juan Manuel Cruz Avila, copyright Demotix (09/05/11).

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In December 2006, Mexican President Felipe Calderón launched a major military operation against drug cartels. More than 4 years later, Mexico's ‘Drug War’ has claimed more than 35,000 victims. Just in April and May of 2011, a total of 188 bodies were found in mass graves in Tamaulipas and Durango. Many Mexicans are now questioning the strategy and taking a stand against the violence and bloodshed.

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Special Focus: 2011 March for Peace

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On May 5, 2011, thousands of Mexicans started an 80 kilometer (50 mile) march for peace and justice for victims of drug violence, from Cuernavaca to the capital, Mexico City. The march was organised by Mexican poet Javier Sicilia whose son and six friends were murdered in a drug-spawned massacre.

13 May – Mexico: Day 4: 80,000 Citizens Demand Peace, Justice, Dignity Against War on Drugs
11 May – Mexico: Day 3: Thousands of Zapatistas Join National ‘March for Peace’
11 May – Mexico: Day 2 of #marchanacional: Protesters Enter Mexico City
06 May – Mexico: Day 1 of Peaceful Protest Against Drug War Violence
05 May – Mexico Prepares for Massive National Protest on May 8

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01 Aug – Mexico: Embroidering for Peace


29 Nov – Mexico: Government Considers Legal Actions Against Citizens Demanding ICC Probe
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01 Aug – Mexico: Portrayals of a Culture… of Violence?
30 Jul – Blog Carnival: Mexico – Citizenry, Violence and Blogs
30 May – Mexico: Blood Fountains
13 Apr – Mexico: Netizens Deploy the “Failed State” Meme
09 Apr – Mexico: March Against Violence or Against the Government?
08 Apr – Mexico: News of US Clandestine Operation Draws “Fast and Furious” Response
29 Mar – Mexico: New (Dis)Agreement on Reporting Violence
21 Mar – Mexico: U.S. Drones Gather Intelligence on Drug Cartels
09 Mar – Mexico and Afghanistan Border Conflicts Juxtaposed
08 Mar – Mexico: Remembering the Women of Ciudad Juárez
19 Feb – Mexico: Video Game “Call of Juarez: The Cartel” Draws Mixed Reactions
11 Jan – Mexico: Tweeting About Violence With #RedMexico


17 Nov – USA: Hunger Strike of Border Women at White House Ends
20 Oct – Mexico: 20-year-old Woman is New Police Chief of Northern Mexican Town

Mexico's Drug War: Global Demonstrations

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