Gabon Unrest 2011

Meyo-Kye, North Gabon, 2 February, 2011. Banner reads: "In Tunisia, Ben Ali left. In Gabon, Ali Ben out."

Meyo-Kye, North Gabon, 2 February, 2011. Banner reads: "In Tunisia, Ben Ali left. In Gabon, Ali Ben out."

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The West African nation of Gabon is experiencing a popular revolt against the rule of President Ali Bongo Ondimba, son of long-time strongman Omar Bongo who died only months before his son was elected in October 2009. Citing allegations of election fraud, opposition leaders formed a breakaway government on January 26, 2011, with former presidential candidate André Mba Obame as the self-declared president.

Thousands of opposition supporters took to the streets in the nation’s capital, Libreville, on January 29, and were faced with violent suppression from the army. Protests have spread to other cities, and crackdowns have become increasingly fierce as the current wave of popular protests demanding free elections sweeping the African continent (Tunisia, Egypt and Côte d'Ivoire) has made the Gabonese government especially wary. The “unofficial” government went into hiding in the offices of the UNDP.

Gabon is a former French colony, and an oil-rich nation with a population of only 1.4 million people. Adding to the political turmoil are allegations of corruption and a transfer of funds from Omar Bongo to the political parties of the current French government. There are less than 100,000 internet users in the country, and roughly only 25,000 Gabonese on Facebook.

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  • Opposition government's Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Ben Moubamba has Youtube video archives since 2009.
  • YouTube channel AfricaWeWish has two recent videos from Gabon, including one of unrest at the university, and this one from February 10, showing military deployments in different parts of Libreville:

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