Cameroon Elections 2011

Cameroon flag. Flickr: erjkprunczyk (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

Cameroon flag. Flickr: erjkprunczyk (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

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The 2011 presidential election in the Republic of Cameroon will take place on October 9. This Central Africa country, well known for its 200+ liguistic groups, has been ruled by Paul Biya since 1982; in spite of a general outcry against his candidacy, he is in line along with 20 other politicians for the presidential mandate.

The election is considered by many as a foregone conclusion, but external observers believe Cameroon is at a key political crossroads, after the constitution was amended and riots were repressed in 2008.

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02 Jan – From Sidi Bouzid to Kinshasa: Francophone Africa in 2011

October 2011

22 Oct – Cameroon Reacts to Presidential Election Results
20 Oct – Cameroon: Biya Tipped to Win After Temporary Results Are Leaked
19 Oct – Cameroon: Retrospective on the 2011 Presidential Election Candidates
13 Oct – Cameroon: Diaspora Fail to Participate in Elections
07 Oct – Cameroon: Questions and Doubts Over Upcoming Election
06 Oct – Cameroon: Controversies Around the Electoral Campaign
04 Oct – Cameroon: Anglophone Nationalism Pops-up Ahead of Cameroon Elections 2011
01 Oct – Cameroon: English Bloggers Analyze Cameroon Elections 2011

September 2011

29 Sep – Cameroon: Calm Before the Storm?
19 Sep – Cameroon: What if We Did Not Vote on October 9?
15 Sep – Cameroon: Women Must Vote During Presidential Election
02 Mar – Cameroon: The Will for Change, Interview with Kah Walla (Audio)



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