· August, 2010

Stories about Angola from August, 2010

Angola: “Alambamento” and Marriage Practices

  29 August 2010

In Angola, there is quite strong cultural tradition of the asking of the hand of bride in marriage, called alambamento. Considered by some more important that the civil or christian marriage, the alambamento consists of a series of rituals, like the delivery of a letter, material goods and money.

Angola: Why the Warthog is so ugly

  22 August 2010

African folklore: why the warthog is so ugly: “God created the warthog to be a fine-looking pig. He was so good-looking that he became vain and rude to all the other animals.”

Angola: The biggest open-air market in Africa

  22 August 2010

Mark and Jana writes about the the biggest open-air market in Africa, the Roque Santeiro Market in Angola:”…is known for being the biggest open-air market in Africa, for transacting thousands of dollars a day, and for being the main stage for the sale of every imaginable product.”

Africa: African Wedding Songs Playlist

  19 August 2010

Chale's African wedding songs playlist:”I already have a good idea what will be played at my wedding. Unless, my partner comes up with some recipe of her own. My list is African songs only.”

Angola: Hard Days for Freedom of Press

  14 August 2010

Isabel Bordalo, a portuguese journalist working in Angola, in her blog, says that the press in that country is going through hard days [pt]. She refers to an episode that happened last week with the newspaper A Capital which was impeded to go out allegedly due to an article about...

Africa: It's time for Big Brother Africa All-Stars

  13 August 2010

On July 18, 2010 Big Brother Africa, a television show produced by Endemol, entered its fifth season with Big Brother Africa All-Stars. The show, which has become the most popular TV reality show in Africa, is being taped at the Big Brother House at Sasani Studios in Johannersburg, South Africa and will run for 91 days.

Angola: Karpov, Kasparov to visit Angola

  9 August 2010

Edwin Korir reports that the great Russian Chess masters, Antoli Karpov and Gary Kasparov are set to arrive in Angola in September to take part in a forum dubbed “The Development of Chess in Africa”.