· October, 2010

Stories about Angola from October, 2010

Africa: Engaging Francophone/Anglophone divide in researching Africa

  24 October 2010

“Engaging Francophone/Anglophone divide in researching Africa” is a panel that invites contributions that attempt to map out specific areas of the Francophone-Anglophone polarisation in African studies as sites of knowledge production that create both opportunities and constraints for research in and on Africa.

Africa: Africa Rural Connect 3.0

  22 October 2010

Lisa reports that African Rural Connect 3.0 is live: “After months of hard work, the National Peace Corps Association's Africa Rural Connect team has launched additional interactive tools and features in order to maximize the collaborative experience for members of Africa Rural Connect.”

Angola: Journalist Murdered: Repression or urban violence?

  21 October 2010

On the 5th of September, journalist Albert Graves Chakussanga lost his life at the hands of strangers who in cold blood shot him down inside his house, in the neighbourhood of Viana in Luanda. According to Reporters without Borders, Chukassanga was killed from behind with a gun equipped with a silencer....

Africa: Growth, Innovation and Transport

  18 October 2010

Stephen writes about growth, innovation and transport in the development of Sub Saharan Africa economies: “Many people recognize that access to adequate transport services is vital for development. Since 1987, the Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP)—a partnership driven by 36 countries—has been working with governments and regional organizations to...

Angola: The Origin of Angolan Kuduro

  18 October 2010

What is the origin of Angoln Kuduro?: “It all started here: an Angolan amputee, a car, and a dream. Okay, Kuduro, a genre of Angolan dance music, started long before that, but for me, it started here.”

Brazil: Encounters and Dialogues on Lusophone Cultures

  17 October 2010

From 18-22 October there are “lusophone encounters and dialogues” [pt] with Portuguese language African countries at the Federal University of Ceará. The Brazilian University hosts the 3rd edition of the festival that aims to reflect about cultural influences and common identities. Follow on Twitter. @IIIFestivalUFC.

Africa: Write About Water in Africa for Blog Action Day

  15 October 2010

You are invited to blog about water in Africa for Blog Action Day: “Happy Blog Action Day everyone! The topic this year is WATER. Kabissa members are invited to blog about water in AFRICA. You can send in your posts via email to connect@groups.kabissa.org or post online to http://kabissa.org/group/connect (if...

Angola: Angola's Most Famous Slave Trader

  7 October 2010

Angola’s most famous slave trader Dona Anna Joaquina will be the topic of the Angola Field Group’s presentation Thursday, October 14 at 8:00 PM at the Viking Club in Luanda, Angola.