· February, 2008

Stories about Angola from February, 2008

Angola: Condolences message

  24 February 2008

“Angola lost today two of its most distinguished defenders of Angolanness: Gentil Ferreira Viana and Joaquim Pinto de Andrade. Two men from different backgrounds but alike in the highest defense of our homeland and Angolanness”, reports Eugénio Costa Almeida [pt], who has condolences messages for both nationalists who contributed to...

Angola: Racism is unavoidable

  23 February 2008

(R)evolução em Angola [pt] publishes the first of a series of posts by Mukuolua Kinamatos about racism in Angola. “White or mixed races? Asked me the lady who was filling my identity card form. White, black and mixed races are the 3 races that can be provided on the Angolan...

Angola: A new web forum

  23 February 2008

Angola Haria [pt] has created a new discussion forum for Angolans, a place where the blog's readers may write a simple message, share memories or promote healthy discussions.

Africa: Interrogating the blogosphere

  21 February 2008

Koluki interrogates the blogosphere by looking at the Globl Voices Online coverage of “Portuguese-speaking African countries”: “The most striking observation from this graph is that OC appears not only, as we have seen before, as the “undisputed champion” of GVO reporting about the “Angolan blogosphere”, but also as the “champion”...

Angola: Luanda's anniversary

  9 February 2008

The Angolan capital celebrates its 432 anniversary. Manuel Vieira [pt] invites readers to a “serious serious thought about its existence, the official speeches and popular voices”.

Angola: Looking forward to 2010 CAN now

  4 February 2008

Eugénio Costa Almeida [pt] says good bye for the Angolan dream in the CAN but he is looking forward to the 2010 games. “We lost to Egypt by 2-1 with a magnificent goal from Manucho and two goals, especially the second, a little bit childish, granted by the pharaohs.”

Angola: Impressions on a new magazine for Afro woman

  4 February 2008

A. Quelha [pt] shares her thoughts on the new Afro magazine, which left her disappointed: “It seems that their goal is arouse the interest of all in African culture… hummm I can't see it! Then it presents itself as being the first Portuguese magazine “for women of African origin”. But...

East Timor: On the Human Rights Watch report

  1 February 2008

A comment left at the Timor Lorosa e Nacão blog contests the reliability of today's Human Rights Watch report on violence in the Portuguese speaking countries Angola, Brazil e East Timor: “Of course, as an NGO based in Washington and financed by the State Department North American (and by a...