· September, 2008

Stories about Angola from September, 2008

Angola: A new African El Dorado for foreign workers

  28 September 2008

Since the end of the civil war in 2002, Angola has been home to many foreigners coming to find work. It is estimated that there are over 70,000 foreigners living in the country, mostly coming from South America, China, Portugal and other African countries. Find out how this melting pot is evolving through the view point of Angolan and immigrant bloggers.

Angola: Photo of an accident in the Cabinda airpot

  27 September 2008

SDBlog [pt] publishes a picture he took of an accident in the Cabinda airpot, in Angola, yesterday. “I later heard on the radio that there were no people injured and the material damage was not huge. I imagine the fright of the workers from the construction work in front of...

Angola: MPLA wins over 80% of votes and secures 191 seats

  17 September 2008

Angola's National Electoral Commission has disclosed the final results of the first Parliamentary Elections in 16 years and they confirmed victory for the ruling party, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, which won 191 of the 220 parliament seats. See some of the reactions.

Angola: Chaos and hopes mark first election in 16 years

  9 September 2008

"I waited for this day with great anxiety and curiosity because I knew it was a special day for Angola and Angolans. For many years our daily lives had been marked by the sadness of war. A war that claimed lives, destroyed property and consumed much of our resources and energy. At last we face a historic event", says a blogger about his first vote.

Angola: Election news

  8 September 2008

Koluki's Angolan election briefs: The observing mission of the Pan-African Parliament declared the Angolan elections “generally free and fair” in spite of some observed “insufficiencies”. A similar assessment was made by the observers from the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) who called the elections “free and transparent”.

Angola: Briefs from the elections

  7 September 2008

Part 2 of “Briefs from the elections” from Angolan blogger, Koluki: “Earlier on Saturday, the main opposition party, UNITA, announced its intention to impugnate the election, claiming a “collapse” of the process in the capital, Luanda, and “numerous cases of organisational failures, forceful prevention of some electors from exercising their...

Angola: Briefs from the elections

  7 September 2008

Koluki writes about elections in Angola: “Earlier on Friday the head of the EU mission, the Italian Luisa Morgantini, called the election “a total disaster” . The same assessment was made by the leader of the opposition, Isaias Samakuva, who called for a repeat of the election in Luanda, where...

Angola: Elections in pictures

  6 September 2008

Angolans are at the polls for the first time in 16 years - the election is still taking place this Saturday at 320 polling stations in the capital Luanda. So far, no incidents have been reported, and public spirit has prevailed, as observed by photographer José Manuel Lima da Silva.

Angola: Elections underway

  5 September 2008

No Longer at Ease on elections in Angola: “Parliamentary election is underway in Angola, the first in sixteen years. The governing party is expected to win, and international observers from EU, AU and SADC have all been invited.”

Africa: Here Comes Big Brother Africa III

  3 September 2008

The 3rd season of Big Brother Africa started last month. The show has already developed a huge amount of interest on the continent. African bloggers are currently discussing the show from a variety of angles. For example, Bazanye wants to offer updates of Big Brother III but he does not own a TV. So what does he do? He makes them up!

Angola: New blog covering the elections in English

  2 September 2008

Angola Elections News is a new blog covering the elections in Angola. “Through this forum we encourage you to talk to other media people, ask questions, post links to other interesting stories, research, facts or information that will help journalists cover the elections from a broad range of angles”. Don't...

Angola: Four days to go to the polls

  1 September 2008

Many Angolans have blogged today about the elections. Pitigrili [pt] says that despite the atmosphere of peace, “foreign journalists covering the elections still have prejudices. Alex Duval Smith, from the British “The Guardian” and writing for the “Observer”, has an interesting story but he finishes it off with observations that...