· June, 2011

Stories about Angola from June, 2011

Angola: The City Evolves and the “Icons” Vanish

  28 June 2011

“Some people claim that the city should evolve, others say that Luanda should not keep the traces of colonialism”, writes Menina de Angola, while regretting the demolition of “one more icon” of the capital city, the building Cuca.

Africa: 11 Ways For African Revolutionaries to Get Around Internet Blockades

  26 June 2011

Willemien Groot's Guide for African Revolutionaries: 11 Ways to get around internet blockades: “Internet blockades are more the rule than the exception in non-democratic countries. But there are ways to get round them, even though no censorship circumvention tool is 100 percent safe. Rule number 1: you’re clever, but the...

Angola: President's Daughter with a Handful of Business

  17 June 2011

Considered by Forbes one of the nine richest women in Africa, Isabel dos Santos, the eldest daughter of the angolan President Eduardo dos Santos, is satirically described by journalist Orlando Castro as the “Mona Lisa of Angolan Kingdom“, for the mysterious “unfolded wealth and ease of doing business”.

Angola: Past Meets Present in a Series of Photo-Chronicles

  16 June 2011

Throughout the month of June, António Trabulo, a portuguese doctor retired from work, on his blog De cá e de lá (From here and from there) [pt], has been publishing a series of photoposts and chronicles about the past and the present of Angola, following a trip he did three...