· April, 2008

Stories about Angola from April, 2008

Angola: The voting weapon

  27 April 2008

Cazimar [pt] echoes the news that the Chinese An Yue Jiang ship was allowed to dock in Luanda only to unload merchandise destined for Angola. The blogger asks Angolan president José Eduardo dos Santos why he wants weaponry and call people to react: “Be careful with this delivery of weapons....

Zimbabwe: Post-election violence on the rise

  26 April 2008

The election crisis in Zimbabwe continues: there are reports from the mainstream media, bloggers and human rights organisations about state organised post-election violence against supporters of the opposition, the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has left the country for Botswana fearing for his life and the “ship of evil” continues to draw bloggers' attention.

Lusosphera: Remembering the Carnation Revolution

  25 April 2008

On April 25 1974, 34 years today, Portugal's 40-year fascist dictatorship, the longest in the history of Western Europe, came to an end with the Carnation Revolution, which also brought independence for the remaining colonies in Africa and Asia. Today Portuguese speaking bloggers from all over the world comment and celebrate.

Angola: Remember April 25

  25 April 2008

Many Angolan blogs, such as Kitanda [pt], bring today videos, articles and posts about the anniversary of the 1974 Carnation Revolution, the military-led coup d'état that changed the Portuguese regime from an authoritarian dictatorship to a democracy and brought independence to overseas territories.

Angola: A glossary of Angolan terms

  18 April 2008

Casa de Luanda [Luanda House, pt] has been compiling a glossary of Angolan expressions. “Check out the A to D, E to L and M to Z. sections. As soon as new suggestions from our readers come up, the list will be updated”.

Angola: On freedom of expression and globalisation

  17 April 2008

Kianda [pt] thinks that “the fact that someone was born in one country should not revoke their right to think, criticize, vote or even run for elections [in another country]… we are in the globalisation era, in a world with fewer and fewer boundaries and we should all have the...

Angola: No to Guillermo Habacuc and the starving dog.

  11 April 2008

Admario Lindo, who writes Angola Haria (and many other blogs in Portuguese), shares his shock[pt] about a Guillermo Habacuc Vargas‘[en] art instalation staged last year, in which a dog was bound to a wall and starved to death in front of the Costa Rica Visual Arts Biennial attendants. Admario links...

Angola: Thinking Angola 2022

  9 April 2008

Peixoto Alves [pt] has an extensive post about the future of Angola. “The challenge is thinking with an innovation-intelligent approach as a tool for the country in a long term perspective, sustaining short-term action at the political, economic, social and cultural levels.”

Angola: 2008 elections

  6 April 2008

“The Angolan people are called to go to the polls, this year in September 2008, to elect their representatives to the National Assembly. There have been 17 years since the Angolan voted.” Feliciano J.R. Cangüe has a list of the nearly 100 parties which may be competing in this elections.

Angola: Miss Landmine Crowned

  5 April 2008

Miss Landmine has been crowned: “Augusta Urica is the winner of Miss Landmine beauty pageant in Angola. The pageant was organized for survivors of landmine explosions in the country. Eighteen women competed in the controversial event organized to raise awareness about the ongoing situation with landmines in Angola.”

Angola: Celebrating the peace anniversary

  4 April 2008

In a post called ‘Peace’, PValente [pt] celebrates peace in Angola after the end of the civil war, in 04/04/2002, and publishes his pictures of the commemorative T-shirt to “mark the 6th anniversary of the day of peace and national reconciliation in Angola.”