· March, 2011

Stories about Angola from March, 2011

Angola: Preemptive Maneuver Cancels “Revolution”

  17 March 2011

A week after the date of the revolution supposed to "dethrone" Angolan Government, the situation in the country appears calm. Preemptive manoeuvre actions of the State contributed greatly to this: pro-MPLA rallies were convened, troops were put at the ready, and protesters were silenced.

Angola: Celma Ribas new album

  15 March 2011

Celma Ribas is an Angolan musician who's based in Germany. Celma has been busy promoting her upcoming album which has singles like One love, Commando, Gangsta love, etc.

Africa: Database of Social Conflicts Launched

  14 March 2011

A database of Social Conflicts in Africa has been launched, Mac-Jordan reports: “The Social Conflict in Africa Database (SCAD) will provide information on over 6,300 social conflict events across Africa, including strikes, riots, protests, coups and communal violence dating from 1990 to 2009.”

Angola: Music with identity

  14 March 2011

Mário Rui Silva takes us through the musical life of Angolan legend Carlos Lermartina: In 2005 came his fourth record “Frutas do Chão são Coisas Nossas” (Fruit from the ground belongs to us) a “tribute to the life style of the Angolan people and a special focus on the country’s...

Angola: Demonstrators and journalists arrested in Luanda

  7 March 2011

Police arrested about 20 people [pt] who were preparing for a pro-democracy demonstration today in Luanda. Among those detained are journalists of the Novo Jornal and rapper Brigadeiro Mata Frakuzx (#Ikonoklasta) who showed his revolt against the 32-year rule of President Eduardo dos Santos in a concert earlier this month.

Angola: Calls for a Revolution

  5 March 2011

In the spirit of protest that has swept across North Africa and the Middle East, it appears that Angolan people have found some inspiration. A protest against the government in power for 32 years has been set for March 7th. Bloggers and government officials react.