· August, 2008

Stories about Angola from August, 2008

Angola: On the illegal occupation of a residential plot by a bank

  30 August 2008

Gil Gonçalves [pt] blows the whistle on the occupation by the Millennium Bank of a residential building in Luanda, Angola. “How does the Millennium Bank and (contractor) Teixeira Duarte SA managed to illegally steal a plot of the land? With so much at ease, it can only be someone usually...

Angola: Going, going, gone!

  29 August 2008

The historic Kinaxixi Market of Luanda, the Angolan answer to Corbusian modernism in architecture, has been knocked down to make way for a modern shopping centre. Is this a sign of the times or an example of the devaluation of heritage in the face of economic power? Clara Onofre reports.

Angola: Media shut up – again?

  28 August 2008

Eugénio Costa Almeida [pt] is again puzzled by the disappearence of another news portal in Angola, Correio Digital, which displays a “temporarily suspended” error: “What is going on? And this is the second time this happens in a few months. It's an eventual effect of this independent news portal's too...

Angola: The president's birthday party or an election stunt?

  27 August 2008

Edmundo Galiza Matos [pt] comments on the Angola President José Eduardo dos Santos’ 66th birthday party this Sunday 31th, which according to the blogger is just an election stunt. “Two names of Angolan music, acting and living outside their country for alleged spiritual and political “sufferings” have rushed back to...

Angola: Election campaing is still lukewarm

  25 August 2008

Two weeks for Angolans to vote, there are “small incidents, fortunately most of them only verbal [incidents], to try to heat up an otherwise lukewarm campaigning that seems to be like the weather, very cold”, reports Jotacê Carranca [pt].

Angola: Electoral campaign fails to excite voters

  20 August 2008

After 16 years without the right to vote, Angolans have been savouring the taste of the election campaign for almost a month now. Contrary to expectations, there is a lukewarm atmosphere around the capital Luanda. Clara Onofre shows why electors are not impressed.

Angola: Endangered species caught and sold

  18 August 2008

MESUMAJIKUKA [pt] publishes a picture of someone caught red handed by the camera with a young sea turtle, caught on the coast Angola, in a car which was seen at Deolinda Rodrigues Road last August 14, 2008. According to the post, the Angolan guy also said that this was the...

Angola, Brazil: A culture shock divide

  17 August 2008

Angola and Brazil's special relationship means that business between the two former Portuguese colonies is booming - as well as migration both ways across the Atlantic. But, how are these two sibling peoples getting on? This post offers the perspectives of both an Angolan and a Brazilian blogger living in Luanda.

Angola: Elections, building sites and road works

  12 August 2008

“Some dare to say, “these buildings, all this they have built, It's good. It's evolution.” Evolution? Who for? Who are all these luxury residential developments, with guards and high fences, for? Only for those who are already in good position of “evolution”, the rich.” A few days before the elections...

Angola: Getting ready for the elections

  11 August 2008

Edmundo Galiza Matos [pt] reports that 12,000 voting offices workers have been trained in preparation for the legislative elections of September 05. “Up to 22nd of this month it is expected to reach 25,475 workers, fully trained in matters related to the electoral package, procedures for voting, and specific guidelines...

Angola: A month to go to the polls

  5 August 2008

The electoral campaign in Angola starts officially today and Wanderley Ribeiro [pt] is motivated: “Angolan brothers, let us all be prepared and united to choose the party that we will help in the development of Angola”. The first parliamentary poll since 1992 takes place next Sept 05. Presidential elections are...

Angola: Angola towards the elections in DVD

  4 August 2008

The educational DVD “Angola towards the elections“, produced during a training in participatory video, will be distributed free to institutions that work with Angolan electoral education. “The main purpose of the video is to bring about the democratisation process in Angola focusing on the coming legislative elections.” The audio is...

Angola: Priority for Angolan workers in the labor market

  2 August 2008

Kianda [pt] celebrates a recently approved law that ensures employment for Angolan workers in the oil sector through a ban on hiring of foreign staff unless the necessary skills can not be found among Angolan workers. “Good news, I think they should start thinking about extending the law to other...