· May, 2008

Stories about Angola from May, 2008

Global Agenda for Lusophone Africa

  23 May 2008

“The past, present and future of Africa will be debated for two days in Lisbon during the II International Congress of Lusophone Africa. Organized by the University of Lusophone Humanities and Technology, the event's theme is ‘Global Agenda for Lusophone Africa’ and it will be attended by a range of...

Angola: Blogging newspaper articles

  20 May 2008

Koluki writes about her series, “Echoes From the Angolan Press,” which contains full transcripts of selected articles published in Angolan newspapers: “I intended this series primarily to serve those Angolans and other Portuguese-speakers outside the country who might have limited and/or irregular access to the Angolan media. However, I trust...

Angola: On the standardization of the Portuguese language

  16 May 2008

Eugénio Costa Almeida [pt] breaks the news that the deal to standardize the Portuguese language in all countries was ratified in the Portuguese Parliament and within six years new spelling rules may be adopted. “Everyone has thought about “getting into the habit” but the most important thing was forgotten: children...

Angola: Decolonization in motion

  9 May 2008

Carlos Pereira [pt] has found a very interesting video showing the mass emigration of Portuguese-descended settlers and white Angolans from Luena, with scenes classified by the blogger as “great drama moments for the victims of a disastrous decolonization process”.

Angola: A tour from Luanda to Bula Atumba

  7 May 2008

“For those who have forgotten or those who want to visit Bula Atumba for the first time, I will try to give detailed information and will be available for further clarification”. Mário Almeida [pt] writes a detailed guide for a drive tour in Angola, with maps and pictures, passing through...

Angola: On the reform of the Portuguese language

  6 May 2008

Gociante Patissa [pt] invites readers to debate the proposed reform of the Portuguese language. Talking about language, the blogger is also responsible for the first ever blog in Umbundu language, language spoken by the Ovimbundu people in the central highlands of Angola.

Angola: Immigration or identity?

  2 May 2008

Having been back in Africa for a bit more than one year, Gi [pt] has many questions about identity: “As soon as I arrived here – and that time flies like an arrow! – This question fell upon me: Where I am from? From here, the place I was born?...

Angola: We are the world

  1 May 2008

To mark the beginning of the Africa's month, Eugénio Costa Almeida [pt] publishes a video of 1985's Michael Jackson's song and explains: “This is because once more the world faces food shortage, this time not because of a drought or natural disasters but because Men (should it really be in...