· April, 2007

Stories about Qatar from April, 2007

Qatar: Seven Wonders

  26 April 2007

Hamlet, who is based in Qatar, blogs about the seven wonders of his host country. Among the wonders are: ‘Wonder No. 2, “It is all about connections (wasta)” Got all the right credentials, relevant experience, proper education…etc, but you don’t know the right people, then you are in the wrong...

Qatar: The 3rd AlJazeera International Documentary Film Festival

  25 April 2007

AlJazeera Talk are live blogging the the 3rd AlJazeera International Documentary Film Festival that is being held at the Doha Sheraton. The four-day film fesival (which is free and open to the public) is showcasing nearly 100 films from across the world. According to qatari you'll find films in Arabic,...

Angry Arab: Conspiring Against Al Jazeera

  24 April 2007

‘Call me conspiratorial (please do), but Aljazeera.net (Arabic) has this headline: “Olmert shows flexibility toward the Arab peace initiative.” Tomorrow on Aljazeera.net: news about Bush's promotion of freedoms in the Middle East,’ writes blogger Khalil Abu Assad in his Angry Arab News Service.

Al Jazeera Pleasing US Too Much

  17 April 2007

Qatari-based Al Jazeera goes out of its way to show its objectivity to the US, claims blogger Asad Abu Khalil. “(F)rom Sep. 11 until two years ago: Aljazeera aired 11 hours of Bin Laden tapes and some 500 hours of Bush's tapes. The network now goes out of its way...

Introducing the Qatari Blogosphere

  16 April 2007

“A little country with big heart” is how camper described the tiny (but rich) State of Qatar on its last independence day. While that's a nice quaint description, many in the region tend to think of Qatar as “the small country with the big mouth” because it funds and hosts...

Bahrain: GCC oversight

  5 April 2007

Bahraini blogger Mahmood's Den discusses the ills of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and their inability to implement important monetary policy.