· March, 2010

Stories about Qatar from March, 2010

Egypt: And the IslamOnline strike continues

  18 March 2010

The IslamOnline employees sit-in continues in Cairo, Egypt, after 250 employees were given their notice. The disgruntled employees are livestreaming, blogging and using Twitter to broadcast their plight. Mohamed El Gohary brings us the latest update.

Egypt: IslamOnline Employees Strike

  16 March 2010

Hundreds of employees, editors, and journalists started an angry sit-in in the widely read Cairo-based IslamOnline news website after 250 employees were sacked. For the first time, strikers are using new media efficiently and effectively to draw all the attention needed to support their cause, from continuous Twitter updates to live streaming.

Qatar: Paper Apology

  15 March 2010

‘The local paper, The Peninsula, has just had to issue an apology for a news headline last week which referred to people with Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders as “the ‘lesser people'”‘ writes Marjorie in Qatar.

Qatar: Tent needed for Animal Shelter

  15 March 2010

The Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) is in urgent need of a tent. “As the temperature is rising daily we are in desperate need to get some kind of structure up over the runs to provide the animals with air conditioning,” writes Chelsea on Qatar Living.