· April, 2009

Stories about Qatar from April, 2009

Qatar: Video of Unpaid Workers Sparks Debate

  27 April 2009

The harsh realities facing migrant workers in Qatar was at the centre of a discussion on Qatar Living after an Al Jazeera English report highlighted their plight recently. The video zooms in on the lives of construction workers, whose livelihood was impacted by the economic crisis, some of whom haven't be paid for up to four months.

Qatar: Understanding Qatari Men

  2 April 2009

The Gulf state of Qatar has a population of approximately one million people, the majority of whom are not Qatari citizens. It seems that many who have come to work in Qatar have the perception that Qataris are aloof; some recent blog posts aim to dispel the myth that it is difficult to get to know Qatari men in particular.

Qatar: A Snow City in the Desert?

  1 April 2009

The Qatar Visitor blog reports today: “The Qatar Supreme Desert Development Council is planning its most ambitious project yet – a snow city to be located in the heart of the Qatar Desert…as the snow will be generated via solar-nuclear energy the project will actually run best in the searing...