· February, 2008

Stories about Qatar from February, 2008

QatarL: Al Jazeera Calling

  27 February 2008

From Qatar, Mohamed Nanabhay writes: “I’ve been bouncing around the office all day – we’ve just kicked off a project at Al Jazeera where you can now send us video feedback via our YouTube Channel.”

Abu Aardvark: Doha Notes

  24 February 2008

Abu Aardvark attended the Brookings Institution's annual US-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar, and shares his thoughts about the event and the people he met here.

Editorial Transparency in Qatar

  18 February 2008

A misunderstanding around the safety of bottle water in Qatar (it's fine!) has led to an interesting conversation about the quality of the English language press in Qatar. Comments were passed back and forth between between a commenter on Qatar Living (tallg) and the Managing Editor of a local English newspaper in Qatar, writes Mohamed Nanabhay.

Egypt: Kudos to Al Jazeera

  15 February 2008

“Kudos to Jazeera for condemning the recently announced “ethical charter” for Arab satellite stations,” writes The Arabist from Egypt.

National Sports: unique expressions of countrywide pride.

  12 February 2008

Whether by government decree or by popularity, national sports are part of the cultural makeup of every country. People from many walks of life come together to participate, watch or root for their favorite athletes or teams. Check out which unique national sports Colombia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates have.

Qatar: Apple and Facebook

  11 February 2008

“Wow! Never saw it coming this huge.. Facebook gets Free TV AD by Apple…well, it was more about the iPhone and its capability to keep tapping on your Facebook profile and friends…” writes Morad, who is based in Qatar.

Qatar: Harassed while Walking

  10 February 2008

From Qatar, Doubtfire talks about how his British wife was harassed while out for a walk by a local man, who followed and took pictures of her.

Middle East: Internet Outage Enrages Bloggers

  1 February 2008

What is a blogger without access to the Internet? This was the dilemma facing tens of thousands of bloggers in parts of the Middle East and Asia, after an optical cable in the Mediterranean was damaged, crippling millions of Internet users. No surprise, some of the region's bloggers were fuming especially when they realised that it could take up to two weeks to fix the damage.