· March, 2008

Stories about Qatar from March, 2008

Qatar: Some Facebook Applications Banned

  29 March 2008

Ngourlay announces that Qatar Telecoms has blocked some of Facebook's applications. The blogger also lists five reasons the telecom provider censors sites: pornography, political criticism of Gulf countries and anti-Islamic sites; some sites are also blocked ‘by mistake’ and others are banned because they may be offensive to some people.

Blogger of the Week: Abdulrahman Warsame

  23 March 2008

Today's Blogger of the Week series features yet another global voice - Abdulrahman Warsame, who amplifies the reactions of Somali bloggers on Global Voices Online. A Somali born in Saudi Arabia, educated in Egypt and Australia, and currently working for Al Jazeera in Doha, Qatar, as a Senior Analyst in New Media, Warsame shares his thoughts on blogging in his country and the rest of the Arab world.

Arabeyes: Rising Cost of Living

  11 March 2008

Prices of commodities ranging from grocery to building material and rent are going up, up, up and being the true mirrors of their societies, bloggers from Yemen, Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar are speaking up.

Lebanon: United Sunni Front

  11 March 2008

‘The spectre of Iran's nuclear ambitions and fear of a so-called “Shia revival” in the region has forced the Saudi Kingdom to reevaluate its stance on Qatar. And in turn, tiny Qatar, home to the site of a major American military base (not to mention the Centcom nerve center of...