· February, 2007

Stories about Qatar from February, 2007

Algeria: Arabic Threatened in Qatar?

  27 February 2007

Algerian blogger Lameen Souag argues that the Arabic language is being threatened in Qatar, where the emphasis is on teaching youngsters English at an early age.

Arabisc: Pictorial Tour of the Middle East

  19 February 2007

Fed up of all the politics in the Middle East? Me too. This week we will take a pictorial tour of the region, making stops in Qatar, Bahrain, Tunisia and Lebanon, to name a few. There are real amazing photographers out there and the scenery and mood quickly changes from...

Qatar: US Islamic Forum

  15 February 2007

Blogger Abu Aardvark (Marc Lynch) is off to Doha, Qatar, to participate the US-Islamic World Forum. “I hope to be able to blog from Doha like I did last time, wireless permitting,” he writes.

Arabisc: Egyptian Women a Cut Above the Rest

  9 February 2007

Prostitution, female circumcision and lesbianism aren't vices restricted to Egyptian woman, says Egyptian blogger Tamr Heneh, in an open letter to Egyptian talk show hostess Dr Hala Sarhan. According to the blogger, the Arab world has much more problems which Dr Sarhan could focus on, instead of continuing to drag...

Israel: Al Jazeera has Arrived

  9 February 2007

Qatari television network Al Jazeera has opened an office in Israel, writes blogger Eliesheva. “My Israeli side is annoyed; why do they get to freely tramp around the country as professional journalists and Israeli citizens can’t even step foot inside most Arab ones?” she says.

Bahrain: Genetically Engineered Food Alert!

  5 February 2007

Bahrain-based blogger Haitham Sabbah raises the alarm about the presence of genetically engineered food, which is not labelled, floating about in the markets of Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and even Bahrain.

A Week Goes by in Kuwait

  4 February 2007

Do you doodle ? Well Nibaq over at Savior Machine not only doodles, but he leaves his doodle machine in the bathroom and everyone in household doodles on it. This is the end result of the community doodling. Intlxpatr one of the many expat bloggers in Kuwait shares with us...