· September, 2005

Stories about Qatar from September, 2005

Qatar: Tayseer Allouni verdict in – 7 years in jail

26 September 2005

Friends of Aljazeera says that journalist Tayseer Allouni has been sentenced to seven years in a Spanish prison and describe this as a blow to Arab media. It is speculated that journalists covering the “War on Terror” will now feel hesitant to pursue stories involving movements or organizations that are...

Qatar: Friends of Al-Jazeera Hacked

16 September 2005

The Friends of Al-Jazeera website was defaced by Brazilian hackers. Instead of the familiar news stories, the site was replaced by a simple message – “SpyKids of Brazil”. As no political message was posted, it is believed that this was a random attack rather than a politically motivated hack. The...

South Asian blog roundup

  4 September 2005

The main buzz of many South Asian blogs were about the Hurricane Katrina that caused extensive and severe damage in much of the southeastern United States. Bangladesh: - British journalist Daniel Brett writes two interesting articles in his blog on Bangladesh. One is “what America can learn from Bangladesh” to...