· April, 2008

Stories about Qatar from April, 2008

Qatar: US Military Aircrafts Crash Lands

  4 April 2008

Emgee at Qatar Living links to an Al Jazeera story which says: “A US military aircraft has crash landed at the al-Udeid military base in Qatar. The B1 bomber reportedly suffered technical difficulties and exploded as it attempted to land at the base about 35km from the capital Doha late...

Qatar: More Men than Women

  1 April 2008

“Ever Wondered what is Qatar best know for, other then the Olympic ambition, the booming economy, the 2nd worlds largest Natural Gas reserve… Well well, Qatar is also know to have the world’s highest male to female ratio. to be more specific, for every 2 male you have one female...

Qatar: On the Road to Victory

  1 April 2008

Saddavi at Qatar Living congratulates the Qatari football team for its first three points on the road to South Africa 2010 (Fifa World Cup), after beating Asian champions Iraq 2-0.

Qatar: Sami Alhajj's Hand Drawings Censored

  1 April 2008

US authorities have stopped the publishing of hand drawings by Sami Alhajj, Aljazeera cameramen imprisoned in Guantanamo, depicting his hunger strike and how he was tortured, reports Abdulrahman Warsame, from Qatar.