· August, 2007

Stories about Azerbaijan from August, 2007

Azerbaijan: Building collapse

  30 August 2007

Having lived and worked in Azerbaijan, Carpetblogger is not surprised by the news that a newly-built highrise collapsed in the capital Baku due to poor building standards.

Azerbaijan: Radical islam

  30 August 2007

Christine Quirk received a reader's comment to one of her earlier posts (GV reported) about the imaginary threat of radical political Islam in Azerbaijan. The commentator is a well-known Azeri Imam, who thanks the blogger for bringing up important issues. In turn, Quirk lists those players who benefit from the...

Central Asia: Clan-tastic

  23 August 2007

Christine Quirk looks at how clans shape political behaviour and in how far they make it difficult to enfranchise groups who might have different viewpoints or are far down on the clan power structure.

Azerbaijan: Soviet Funk

  21 August 2007

English Russia posts a vintage video of famous Soviet-era singer Muslim Magomaev. The clip, besides showcasing a great example of Soviet funk music, also features a lot of footage of Azerbaijan's capital Baku made during these times.

Azerbaijan: Islam on the rise?

  18 August 2007

Asking Tough Questions in Tough Places discusses whether the eclipse of political opposition to the current Azeri government is promoting a surge of radical Islam.