· March, 2011

Stories about Azerbaijan from March, 2011

Georgia: Men in Black

  27 March 2011

Scary Azeri comments on photographs taken by Global Voices’ Caucasus editor at last week's Novruz celebrations held by the local ethnic Azeri community in Marneuli, Georgia. The blog is particularly alarmed by the large number of men dressed in black, a common style in the three South Caucasus countries, at...

Azerbaijan: Great People's Day a pointless adventure?

  14 March 2011

In a critical post Analoqu olmayan bloq :) [AZ] comments on the 11 March pro-democracy protests staged by youth in Baku, capital of of Azerbaijan. The blog says that the event failed to achieve its goals and might actually have pushed the government to tighten its grip even more. It concludes that...

Azerbaijan: More Protests, More Arrests…

  12 March 2011

Following yesterday's protest by youth activists in Azerbaijan, opposition supporters today staged their own. Also inspired by pro-democracy protests in Egypt and Tunisia, the demonstration might not have been as large as those, but it was certainly intense.

Azerbaijan: Youth Protest in Baku

  11 March 2011

Inspired by pro-democracy protests in Egypt and Tunisia, youth activists in Azerbaijan took to the streets in actions encouraged and coordinated by social media in what was their largest action staged in two years.

Azerbaijan: Online activism under fire

  10 March 2011

Writing on East of Center, Transition Online editor in chief Jeremy Druker comments on official attempts to discredit Azerbaijani youth activists using social media to prepare for pro-democracy protests on 11-12 March.

Azerbaijan: Another youth activist identified by social media?

  7 March 2011

A new blog, whatwaswritten, says that another youth activist has been reportedly visited by police after trying to publicize pro-democracy protests planned for 11 March in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku. The blog notes that police deny the claims although Tangled Web says that the alleged visit occured on the same...

Azerbaijan: Facebook inaccessible via Bakcell

  7 March 2011

Mobile subscribers in Baku, Azerbaijan, report on Twitter that Facebook is inaccessible from Bakcell, one of three cellular operators in the country, for the coming week ahead of protests planned for 11-12 March. Government supporters deny this, although Bakcell's Customer Service confirmed the news via telephone to Global Voices as...

Azerbaijan: Dirty deeds and cover ups

  6 March 2011

Flying Carpets and Broken Pipelines, one of the moderators of a Facebook group calling for pro-democracy protests in Azerbaijan on 11 March comments on the arrest of Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, one of the other online organizers. Noting that the Harvard graduate has been reportedly beaten, tortured and threated with rape, the...

Azerbaijan: Facebook activism or military service?

  6 March 2011

Democracy Now! comments on the case of Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, the Harvard educated activist detained in Azerbaijan last week. As one of seven moderators for a Facebook group calling for Egypt-style protests in the oil-rich former Soviet republic, the blog notes that the charge of avoiding military service is being used...

Azerbaijan: Activist Bakhtiyar Hajiyev arrested

  4 March 2011

SEMIÇKA – OLUBDUR, OLUR, OLACAQ… (Now Democracy Now!) comments on the arrest today of Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, a youth activist responsible for a Facebook page calling for pro-democracy actions in Azerbaijan following similar protests in Egypt and Tunisia.

Azerbaijan: Facebook activism under pressure

  4 March 2011

Likely the most evolved country in the region in terms of online activism, Global Voices Advocacy posts details of new concerns about moves taken against alternative voices in Azerbaijan as well as the arrest today of yet another youth activist calling for pro-democracy protests in the oil-rich former Soviet republic...

Caucasus: The Revolting Index

  3 March 2011

Aaron in Azerbaijan comments on attempts by some international media outlets to predict which country might be next after popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, and Libya. However, the blog says that such an index might be better considered as an indicator of where unrest could occur unless governments adopt...

Azerbaijan: Social media for 11 March

  3 March 2011

While Flying Carpets & Broken Pipelines [EN] explains the purpose and introduces the group behind a Facebook group launched for 11 March, the date scheduled for pro-democracy protests in Azerbaijan, RAUFRAY | my point of view [AZ], a blog apparently by an activist from the pro-government İRƏLİ Public Union, attempts...

Azerbaijan: Internet outages reported ahead of 11 March protests

  2 March 2011

SEMIÇKA – OLUBDUR, OLUR, OLACAQ… reports that residents of Sabirabad, an area which recently had protests dispersed by police, say that Internet connections have been restricted ahead of 11 March. The blog quotes an Azerbaijani opposition representative who alleges that the difficulties are related to the use of online social...

Azerbaijan: Discrediting Facebook?

  1 March 2011

Global Voices’ Caucasus editor posts a translation of an article naming prominent alternative voices in Azerbaijan who have Facebook friends in Armenia. The reaction from many in the country still effectively at war with its neighbor is that the article was intended to discredit those activists and the the use...