· August, 2008

Stories about Azerbaijan from August, 2008

Georgia: Security in the Caucasus

  31 August 2008

Security in the Caucasus, a new blog established by a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics currently undertaking field work in the region, says that the recent conflict between Russia and Georgia was largely the result of a major miscalculation by Tbilisi. The blog also says that the...

Georgia: Saakashvili's Miscalculation

  9 August 2008

The Armenian Observer says that the latest military confrontation between Russia and Georgia was a miscalculation by the Georgian president, Mikhail Saakashvili. The blog also says that with a defacto state of war waging in Armenia's northern neighbor, there are concerns at home about the conflict with Azerbaijan over another...

Armenia: Oil, Genocide and Obama

Voices Without Votes takes a look at why many Armenians at home and abroad support U.S. Presidential Election Democratic Party Candidate Barack Obama and how Azerbaijanis and Turks are responding to his campaign promise to recognize the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

Azerbaijan: Corruption

  6 August 2008

Thoughts on the Road says that it raised the issue of corruption with a group of Azerbaijani students who determined that both the government and citizens were responsible for fighting against the phenomenon. However, the blog notes, such a reality is first of all dependent on their being the political...

Azerbaijan: A Political Lunch & Blogs

  6 August 2008

Thoughts on the Road, the blog of an American journalist in Azerbaijan, recounts lunch with an economic and political figure in Sheki, but also reports that the blogging component of a local media training course went very well indeed.

Armenia: Blogger Bank Boycott

  6 August 2008

The Armenian Observer reports that following the closure of a branch in the self-declared Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, some Armenian bloggers are urging a boycott of the Russian-owned VTB Bank. Central to the problem is that Nagorno Karabakh is recognized internationally as a part of Azerbaijan, and the bank is...

Azerbaijan: Litter

  4 August 2008

Thoughts On The Road reports on what it calls collective action problems where individuals choose to behave in a manner which adversely affects others. The blog says that the tendency for Azerbaijanis to litter is one example of such behavior. However, the blog notes that as education is key to...