· January, 2006

Stories about Azerbaijan from January, 2006

Azerbaijan: Black January

  23 January 2006

Carpetblogger (who is sadly relocating from Baku to Kiev) reports on Azerbaijan's day of mourning on January 20 to commemorate those who died when the Soviet used force to crush the independence movement 16 years ago.

Azerbaijan: YAMs

  14 January 2006

Carpetblogger says that Azerbaijan's newly denominated currency, the YAM (Yeni (new) Azerbaijan Manat), is causing all kinds of mayhem in the country.

Azerbaijan: Avian Flu Worries

  6 January 2006

Casti of In Pursuit of Nirvana is worried about avian flu in Azerbaijan on the heels of the news of deaths from the disease in Turkey and massive numbers of deaths of farm birds in southern Azerbaijan.