· March, 2008

Stories about Azerbaijan from March, 2008

Azerbaijan: The Nicer Side of Baku

  19 March 2008

Lindsay Fincher says that contrary to popular opinion of the Azerbaijani capital as one of the dirtiest cities in the world, it isn't just oil workers interested in visiting. The blogger says that she actually found her own stay somewhat interesting.

Azerbaijan: Karabakh Resolution

  17 March 2008

Archuk's blog comments on the success of an Azerbaijani-sponsored resolution adopted by the United Nations condemning the Armenian occupation of territory inside the republic and recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. The Armenian Observer also carries the news.

Azerbaijan: Disneyland

  12 March 2008

As if plans to construct a hotel bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Death Star weren't enough, Carpetblogger reports that rumors are circulating in Baku that the Azerbaijani capital is now negotiating to host a Disneyland. The blog takes an irreverent look at some of the attractions a localized theme...

Azerbaijan: Deal with Turkmenistan

  12 March 2008

NewEurasia reports on a deal signed in Baku that ends a 16-year dispute between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan over debt. The blog says the news is an “important step forward on the way to build a Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline.”

Caucasus: Ali and Nino

  11 March 2008

The Armenian Odar Reads posts a review of Ali and Nino by Kurban Said. The book, now considered a masterpiece after its rediscovery long after its publication in 1937, is a love story and centers around Nino, a Georgian, and Ali, an Azeri. The book is also considered an interesting...

Caucasus: Internal & External Problems

  9 March 2008

Marilisa Lorusso's blog rounds up the latest political and geopolitical developments from the South Caucasus and says that all three republics are preoccupied with seeking solutions to unresolved internal and external problems. The blog also notes that despite state of emergency restrictions on the media, activity on the Internet continues...

Caucasus: Eurovision Song Contest Fever… and Politics

  9 March 2008

It might be considered a little cheesy, but the South Caucasus takes participation in the annual Eurovision song contest very seriously indeed. Not only does the competition represent the region moving closer to Europe, but given that this year has proven to be a political turbulent one it might also provide people here with a welcome break from rigged votes and post-election unrest.

Armenia: Alternative Religious Message

  9 March 2008

Unzipped posts a summary of a talk show broadcast earlier today on a religious radio station in Yerevan which featured an Armenian priest criticizing both the government and the opposition for the situation in the country. Regretting the media blackout which has accompanied the state of emergency, the priest found...

Azerbaijan: Death Star Hotel

  7 March 2008

It looks quite impressive and futuristic on first glance -- a hotel that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Death Star from the Star Wars films. Remarkably, however, the hotel will not be built in Las Vegas or Dubai. It is instead planned for Baku, capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Armenia: Elections

  6 March 2008

Registan has posted an entry on the post-election situation in Armenia. The pioneering blog on Central Asia also touches upon the recent clashes on the front line between Armenia and Azerbaijan and appears to conclude that the overall situation is unpredictable.

Azerbaijan: Managed Democracy

  6 March 2008

With presidential elections in neighboring Georgia and Armenia having been shrouded in some controversy, Asking Tough Questions in Tough Places turns its attention to Azerbaijan which goes to the polls in October. The blog says that Azerbaijan will be sparing no efforts to convince the international community that the vote...