· October, 2008

Stories about Azerbaijan from October, 2008

Armenia: Madrid Principles

  27 October 2008

Unzipped posts details of the “Madrid Principles,” a proposed framework for future resolution of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh. The post also compares the principles with that believed to have been agreed in the late 1990s.

Azerbaijan: Life as an OSCE Election Observer

  24 October 2008

The Continuing Adventures of Super Steve details life as an election observer for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) during the recent presidential election in Azerbaijan. The blog also questions whether an election boycotted by the main opposition parties can be considered democratic regardless of whether polling...

Caucasus: U.S. Presidential Election Preferences

  23 October 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus examines the findings of a poll for The Economist which indicates that support for Republican presidential candidate John McCain is stronger than for his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, in the Republic of Georgia. With the poll also showing that support for Obama is stronger in...

Caucasus: New Media Blog

  23 October 2008

Azerbaijani new media specialist Emin Huseynzade (interviewed by Global Voices Online here) has launched a new English-language blog. Caucasus New Media will detail the growth of blogs, as well as video-sharing and social networking sites, in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. In the first post, the blog looks at the impact...

Azerbaijan: Idaho of the Caucasus

  23 October 2008

The Continuing Adventures of Super Steve recounts a recent visit to the Azerbaijiani region of Gadabay. Thanks to the abundance of potatoes, the blog calls Gadabay the Idaho of the Caucasus.

Nagorno Karabakh: More on Mass Wedding

  20 October 2008

Pigh [RU] also comments on last week's mass wedding in the self-declared Republic of Nagorno Karabakh. The blog says that 537 couples were married in the disputed town of Shushi while 138 tied the knot in the Gandzasar monastery. Each couple received $2,500 from the godfather of the wedding, businessman...

Nagorno Karabakh: Mass Wedding

  19 October 2008

517 Design [RU] posts photographs of a mass wedding which took place in the disputed mainly Armenian-populated territory of Nagorno Karabakh during which as many as 700 couples tied the knot. The blogger's English-language site also carries more information on the cash incentives ranging from $2,000-100,000 offered to the young...

Azerbaijan: Election Day

  16 October 2008

Herron Family News posts photographs and video in a report on yesterday's presidential election in Azerbaijan. The blog says that voters were greeted with music and prizes at some polling stations.

Azerbaijan: Election Day

  15 October 2008

The View from Baku comments on today's presidential election in Azerbaijan. The blog says that a second term in office for the incumbent, Ilham Aliyev, is a foregone conclusion. The blog also speculates on Aliyev's likely successor when his second and final term in office is over.

Azerbaijan: Election Eve

  14 October 2008

Herron Family News reports from Azerbaijan on the eve of tomorrow's presidential election. The blog says that interest in the vote is low and the level of campaigning activity was meager. However, it says that plans to install webcams in polling stations did see the light of day although currently...

Azerbaijan: What Goes Up…

  12 October 2008

Herron Family News comments on the construction boom in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, but notes that the quality of work leaves much to be desired. Situated in an area of seismic activity, the blog wonders if such an issue can be used by the opposition in the country.

Azerbaijan: Peace Corps Volunteer Blogs

  12 October 2008

The U.S. Peace Corps started working in Azerbaijan in 2002. Since then, over 190 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Azerbaijan and a number set up blogs from the beginning of 2006. Operating outside the capital, Baku, the blogs detail life in the regions of an oil-rich country that few would otherwise experience.

Azerbaijan: Predictable Election

  10 October 2008

Writing from Azerbaijan, Herron Family News details various meetings that have been held as next week's presidential election draws closer. However, the blog notes, the outcome of the vote is predictable. With the main opposition parties boycotting the election, the incumbent president will be re-elected. The only unanswered question is...

Azerbaijan: Election Web Cams

  9 October 2008

Herron Family News reports on a return visit to Azerbaijan to review preparations for next week's presidential election. The blog notes that the country's Central Electoral Commission has authorized the installation of web cams in polling stations so that voting can be monitored online.

Azerbaijan: The Forgotten War

  9 October 2008

In an extended post accompanied by photographs, Michael J. Totten introduces his readers to the unresolved conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh. The blog compares the mood in Azerbaijan with that in neighboring Georgia, another country in the region with its own territorial conflicts...

Azerbaijan: Bullying and Violence in the Army

  8 October 2008

Unzipped posts a video from YouTube allegedly showing new conscripts in the Azerbaijani army being beaten and kicked by other soldiers. The blog warns the Armenian army that videos of similar scenes might also be uploaded and disseminated online unless steps are taken to stop similar violence against conscripts.

Azerbaijan: Post-Election Scenario

  4 October 2008

Azerbaijan’s Presidential Election speculates on the possible aftermath of the 15 October vote in the country. The blog says that although previous elections have been accompanied by unrest and violence, a boycott by Azerbaijan's main opposition parties make that unlikely this time around. Letters in Bottles agrees, and says that...

Azerbaijan: OSCE/ODIHR Presidential Election Observer Blog

  2 October 2008

The Continuing Adventures of Super Steve is on its way to Azerbaijan to observe the 15 October presidential election in the country. The blog provides its readers with information on Azerbaijan and how the OSCE/ODIHR international election observation mission works.

Armenia: Intrigues and Scandal

  1 October 2008

Unzipped comments on the latest intrigues and recent scandal to hit Armenia. They include allegations from a senior member of Armenian Public TV that the bodyguards of a prominent government parliamentarian were responsible for an attack on a cafe which left one dead, and speculation that a regional energy project...

Azerbaijan: Presidential Election Concerns

  1 October 2008

Following disputed presidential elections in Georgia and Armenia earlier this year, as well as state of emergencies declared in Tbilisi and Yerevan, all eyes are now on Azerbaijan as it prepares to go to the polls. Few expect anything but a second term in office for the incumbent, Ilham Aliyev,...