· July, 2012

Stories about Azerbaijan from July, 2012

Caucasus: Olympic Women

  30 July 2012

Ianyan introduces its readers to the female athletes representing the three countries of the South Caucasus in the Olympic games in London.

Video: Internet Society Discusses International Freedom of Speech and Censorship

  19 July 2012

Will the technologies of anonymization win out over new digital monitoring tools? And will new wireless data technologies foster democracy–or lead to more effective tracking and surveillance? A panel discussion in Washington, DC on 25 June, 2012 with 6 activists from Syria, India, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Venezuela and Azerbaijan aimed to answer these questions.

Russia: Caucasus Stereotypes in Film

Global Chaos comments on a recent video report by Radio Free Europe examining changing stereotypes of the Caucasus in Russian cinema. The blog asks whether the caricatures often adopted for public diplomacy purposes are counterproductive or not.