· July, 2007

Stories about Azerbaijan from July, 2007

Caucasus: Attitudes towards NGOs

  31 July 2007

Social Science in the Caucasus unveils some figures on how people in the three countries Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia perceive non-governmental organisations.

Caucasus: Arms race

  20 July 2007

Onnik Krikorian is concerned that with all states in the Caucasus increasing their military spending, an arms race and – worst of all – new military conflicts can become a likely future scenario.

Armenia/Azerbaijan: Presidential elections in Nagorno Karabakh

  19 July 2007

Today's presidential elections in Nagorno Karabakh draw the world's attention to one of the most volatile regions of the former Soviet Union. The conflict over the breakaway and self-declared republic is still dominating relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and unfortunately, no lasting peace agreement is on the horizon. Meanwhile, people in Nagorno Karabakh just want to get on with their lives.

Caucasus: Governance

  19 July 2007

HansG looks at a new World Bank study that compares the quality of governance in the world. He has a closer look at the three countries in the Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and highlights trends of the last 10 years.

Central Asia: Clash of opinion

  14 July 2007

Josh Foust engages in an extremely interesting discussion with an Uzbek journalist (working for a Russian news agency) about Western promotion of democracy in Central Asia.

Caucasus: The state of democracy

  11 July 2007

Social Science in the Caucasus has a closer look at the The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2007 Index of Democracy, in which Georgia and Armenia are classified as hybrid and Azerbaijan as an authoritarian regime.