· October, 2006

Stories about Senegal from October, 2006

Senegal: Wade and the PDS v. Seck

  22 October 2006

Looking to upcoming elections in Senegal, Blog Politique du Senegal writes (Fr): “May [Idrissa] Seck bleed the PDS [Senegalese Democratic Party] to death. I certainly won't be complaining. … Wade did not have the political finesse to create an efficient party. His authoritarianism … made him build a monster with...

Senegal: Stargazing

  21 October 2006

Chroniques de Ndoumbelane is sad (Fr) that city life in Senegal no longer allows for the stargazing that is so cherished in rural towns.

Senegal: Head of Senelec Resigned

  16 October 2006

Le Blog Politique du Senegal believes (Fr) that the head of national electricity company Senelec was asked to resign because President Wade needs a scapegoat for failing to fulfill his impossible promises. The blog is otherwise skeptical that private capital might do a better job than government spreading electricity in...

A Groundnut Western?

  6 October 2006

Senegal is considering building a rail line that would pass through Casamance, inspiring Blog Politique du Senegal (Fr) to imagine a new kind of Western involving a train heist and a wagon car complete with saloon girls, an upright piano, poker and a bar brawl, with the Movement of Democratic...

Africa: Phil Collins, Keny Rogers, Madonna, and Rambo

  4 October 2006

Why is Phil Collins so loved in Senegal? Why can't you go a day in Rwanda without hearing Kenny Rogers? And why are there dozens of Madonna and Rambo stickers on every public bus in Senegal? Benn Loxo would like to know the answers.

Senegal: Illegal Immigration

  2 October 2006

On illegal African immigration Senegal Diaw (Fr) writes that “the reasons that push young, able men to risk death to come to Europe…are many and complex, and are not necessarily linked to [Senegal's] poverty,” but are rather a product of a country that is not advancing fast enough, whose youth...