· October, 2008

Stories about Senegal from October, 2008

Lusosphere: The origins of the American Banjo in Africa

  12 October 2008

Emerson Santiago [pt] writes at Patafurdia Magazine about akonting, the musical instrument found in Senegal, Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. “The Portuguese colonizers and the North American slaves owners began to call the instrument “Banjo”, coming from the Quimbundo word “m'banza” (language of the second largest ethnic group in...

Senegal: Confusion about Ramadan

  2 October 2008

Ria writes about Islam and the confusion about Ramadan in Senegal: “Thus for some, Ramadan ended yesterday; for most it was today, declared a national holiday by the Government. One final confusion: the festival to mark the end of Ramadan is called Korité in Senegal, but is known elsewhere in...