· July, 2007

Stories about Senegal from July, 2007

Senegal: Do we elect kings now?

  18 July 2007

Blog politique du Senegal writes of Karim Wade, the President's son, and his intention to run for president (Fr): “In theory, Karim Wade [has the right to] run for president, like any other Senegalese” but “the privileged, not to mention abusive, position that Karim Wade occupies in the state apparatus...

Senegal: sustainable development: a lesson from solar project

  1 July 2007

Drawing lessons from a donor-funded solar project in rural Senegal, Afromusing discusses Bottom Up vs Top Down approach to development projects: “The project had good intentions it appears, what with the powerful image of a hut with a solar panel on its roof. As reported on the article, the project...