· November, 2005

Stories about Senegal from November, 2005

Senegal: Hissene Habre

  28 November 2005

Senegalise blog SEMEtt comments on the recent detention in Dakar of former Chad President, HISSENE HABRE. The Court of Criminal Appeal in Senegal has yet to rule on his extradition which leaves the whole matter in the hands of Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade.

Marrakech film festival

16 November 2005

Senegalese blog SEMEtt (the Black Spark) reports that there are no black African films being presented at the 5th Marrakech (Morocco) Film Festival. In fact there is only one African film “El Ayel ” (the kid of Tangier) of the Morrocan Moumen Smihi.” He accuses the festival organisers of being...

French riots

  8 November 2005

Senegalese blogger, SEMEtt l'etincelle noire comments the continued riots in the cities of France. He presents us with his thoughts on TOLERANCE: “Tolerance and indiference. indiference is a condition with no pain or pleasure without worry or desire/ indiference has nothing to do with tolerance/ tolerance is acceptance of difference/...