· June, 2007

Stories about Senegal from June, 2007

Senegal: In Memory of Ousmane Sembene

  12 June 2007

Togolese writer Kangi Alem has a short tribute [Fr] to famed Senegalese filmmaker and novelist Ousmane Sembene who passed away this weekend in Dakar. “I used to read the greats of African literature in my literature textbook in the 1980s, and I imagined all these authors were dead. What it...

Senegal: Ousmane Sembéne is no more

  12 June 2007

Alexcia announces the death of Ousmane Sembéne: “Known to kenyan as the author of “God's Bits of Wood, London : Heinemann, 1995.” Senegal's Ousmane Sembéne has died at the age of 84.”

Senegal: Mourides claim new holy place

  9 June 2007

Le Blog politique du Senegal writes that like Touba, Darou-Mouhty will now be a quasi-independent holy city [Fr] where political and folk activities, music, indecent dress, and the use of cigarettes and alcohol are all forbidden.  Senegal says that “mouride exceptionalism” is become more serious and worrying, that these areas...

Senegal: Election draws only 35% turnout

  9 June 2007

Le blog politique du Senegal questions how the government can consider a 35% a good voter turnout rate [Fr], calling it payback for the last election which was plagued by fraud and irregularities.   Those in power should see that this low turnout reflects the deep discontent and lack of trust...