· November, 2006

Stories about Senegal from November, 2006

Senegal: To Run or Not to Run

  29 November 2006

Robert Sagna, a former minister in the Senegalese government and Mayor of Zinguinchor, Senegal reflects (Fr) on the upcoming presidential elections: “The whole electoral process is corrupt and managed according to the interests of the Senegalese Democtaric Party (PDS) in power.” He then explains that he is still pondering whether...

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean film-maker wins first prize

  25 November 2006

A Zimbabwean filmmaker, Tawanda Gunda Mupengo, wins first prize at the Dakar Film Festival for his short film, Spell My Name, “The film is about a young albino girl sexually abused by the headmaster of her school and a young teacher who stands up to protect her.”

Senegal: Criteria for Recruiting Ministers?

  25 November 2006

Senegalais Frustre at Blog Politique du Senegal has an unexpected theory about how ministers are recruited in Senegal (Fr): “When [Prime Minister] Macky Sall promises maximal efficiency of our ministers, does that mean that we are going to have an international golf team or an olympic champion in paper crumpling…”

Senegal: Garbage Handlers’ Working Conditions

  21 November 2006

Appalled at the working conditions of the employees of a local garbage collection company, Blog Politique du Senegal writes (Fr): “Quick to denounce slavery … we refuse to see the quasi-slavery endured by many in our society and in our families. These quasi-slaves whose masters we are.”

Senegal: If Africa Had Not Been Colonized

  1 November 2006

Chroniques de Ndoumbelane dislikes (Fr) the question “If Africa had not been colonized, would it now be developed?“. Instead the blogger prefers to think of an alternative history where “the west would have encountered other civilizations without destroying them.”