· December, 2007

Stories about Senegal from December, 2007

Morocco recalls ambassador from Senegal

  29 December 2007

Blog politique au Senegal writes [FR] about the King of Morocco's decision to recall his ambassador from Senegal in a spat over Western Sahara: “It must have been a nasty blow to [the king's] ego when a socialist ex-minister dared refuse to adopt the Moroccan line on the fate of...

Egypt: Rama Yade

  25 December 2007

Rama Yade, France's Secretary of State, has inspired Egyptian blogger Eastern Bird to write the following post, which Tarek Amr translates from Arabic.

The Politics of Cleaning Up Dakar

  19 December 2007

Senablog writes about the Senegalese government's latest attempts to rid the streets of Dakar of informal traders [Fr], which last month prompted large protests. Senablog describes how previous efforts have been unsuccessful because of the support traders enjoy from marabouts and some politicians.

Senegal: Web 2.0 for West African Journalists

  13 December 2007

A web 2.0 workshop for West African journalists organised by Panos Institute West Africa (PIWA) is taking place in Senegal: “Through PIWA “Uses and Policies of Digital Technology” Programme (ICT Programme), this workshop aims at: – promoting uses of blogs and new ICT tools (Web 2.0) by medias for improved...