· March, 2007

Stories about Senegal from March, 2007

Senegal Army: Face of Luxury, Back of Misery

  19 March 2007

In its usual deadpan humor, Blog Politique du Senegal highlights an architectural anecdote about the military headquarters of Senegal to make a wider point about the army's budget and priorities: Military headquarters entrance. Courtesy Blog Politique du Senegal. Je ne sais pas si vous connaissez l'intendance militaire, en bas de...

Senegal: A Report Card for Reporters Without Borders

  14 March 2007

Le Pangolin posts [Fr] a press release by the Syndicate of Information and Communication Professionals of Senegal stating that a recent Reporters Without Borders report on the Senegalese elections was “selective” in its interest and “approximative”. The report goes on to say that the RSF report used “nebulous methodology” and...

Senegal: Public Transportation Fare Hike

  9 March 2007

Blog Politique du Sénégal [Fr] doesn't understand why some are unhappy with the doubling or tripling of public transportation costs during the Magal, an annual event of the Mouride moslem sect. “Personally, I find logical and normal that the drivers increase the fares as mush as they can. We are...

Senegal: democracy, hiphop and blogging

  4 March 2007

Ethan Zuckerman on elections in Senegal, “One of the stories I’ve not paid much attention to are the elections in Senegal, where incumbent President Abdoulaye Wade appears to have won re-election in the first round of elections. There’s been some minor strife around the elections – negligible in comparison to...

Senegal: Some Wade Pluses

  2 March 2007

Blog Politique du Sénégal has had (Fr) a hard time understanding Wade's victory in last week's presidential election but concedes: “Wade is not completely undeserving. The infrastucture he has built, the many secondary schools were necessary. His regime has built more infrastructure in 7 years than his predecessors in 20.”

Senegal: Wade Official Winner

  2 March 2007

Blog Politique du Sénégal posts the definitive presidential election results which reflect Wade's win with 55.72% of the vote, and Idrissa Seck as the runner-up with 15.52% . Ousmane Tanor Dieng is third and Moustapha Niasse is 4th. The results are further itemized by city.

Senegal: Candidate's Vote for Himself Not Counted

  1 March 2007

Blog Politique du Sénégal quotes candidate Moudou Dia's declaration that at the voting center where he, his wife and two friends voted for him, he officially received no votes. The blog humorously adds (Fr): “To take 3 to 4 votes from a man who barely got .13% of the vote...