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China: Is the West afraid of our patriotism?

  20 June 2008

Are there factors informing your perception of China circa 2008? Novelist-blogger and researcher of worldly affairs Yang Hengjun moves on from ‘How did America cover up the truth of the bombing of our embassy in Yugoslavia?’ to his post last week, ‘Are Western countries afraid of the Chinese people's patriotic...

China: Right to Entertainment

  20 June 2008

Ran Yun-fei from my1510 points out that earthquake victims need entertainment to restore their lives, others shouldn't be too harsh to judge them [zh].

China: Happy to Become Earthquake Ghost

  18 June 2008

A propaganda poem published in a Shandong newspapers has been called by netizen “the most shameless piece”. (via webbbs) The poem written by the vice president of Shandong Writers Association said that “1.3 billion people cried together, even one has become ghost, s/he should be happy”, “Wish the tomb can...

China: No vlogging the Olympics

  18 June 2008

Reporter-blogger ProState in Flames writes today of Deputy Director General of China's National Copyright Administration Xu Chao's recent statement that the filming of Olympic events for the purpose of blogging has been banned and will be considered copyright violation. Asks the second commenter on the post: “May I know to...

China: Beijing students forced out for Olympics?

  17 June 2008

In ‘Beijing University Students Booted from Dorms for Olympics,’ Truth From Facts blogger nator gets a tip-off to that effect from a friend, in the form of an A4 notice, and goes online to see what those at other Beijing campuses are going through.

China: Press ID

  17 June 2008

Zan Ai-zong writes in inmediahk.net about the government monopoly in the issuing of press card in China [zh]. The practice results in the direct control over journalists or some news agencies would sell the card to individual at very high price.

China: Kungfu Panda

  17 June 2008

Heicaitou blogs some photos of a demonstration demanding the China SARFT to ban the movie “Kungfu Panda”.

China: Curse of the Olympic mascots?

  16 June 2008

In case you ever wondered if those Olympic Fuwas weren't just a little too cute to be true, apparently you aren't the only one. For China, the superstitious formula to that effect which has been making its way across various networks since the Sichuan earthquake looks accurate enough given the...

Hong Kong: Earthquake Photos Behind the News Story

  16 June 2008

Florence blogs about an exhibition on “Sichuan earthquake photos: behind the news story“. The exhibition displays photos and videos taken from the Sichuan earthquake area to share the front line reporters’ story behind the news.

EmPivot: Green media aggregator

  15 June 2008

EmPivot is a website made for sharing videos with a specific theme: environment. This green-related media content is added to the website so that people, organizations and companies can connect with each other with this same interest between them. EmPivot, as they explain on their website, comes from the word...

China: Release for Medical Treatment Rejected

  13 June 2008

Zeng Jinyan says that Hu Jia's application for release for medical treatment has been rejected by the Chinese authority [zh]. Hu Jia has liver disease since 2006 and hasn't been receiving medical treatment since he was sentenced to 3.5 years in April.

Hong Kong: News Fixer

  13 June 2008

Hoidick from inmediahk.net blogs about his experience as a news fixer for foreign journalists for reporting news on China [zh].

China: Best Seller

  12 June 2008

Ruan Yifeng summarizes a local magazine's special feature on the culture of reading in China, with some statistic information on best selling books [zh].

China: Tearful Plea to Stock Holders

  12 June 2008

Daynews copies the writing style of Qiuyu's “Tearful Plea To Disaster Victims” and writes a piece on “Tearful Plea to Stock Holders” telling them that all their money has been vaporized to the heaven [zh].

China: Hepatitis B Forum

  11 June 2008

Dupola introduces a Hepatitis B Forum for patients to share their experience and defend their rights. Unfortunately the forum has been blocked by the Great Fire Wall.

China: Underlying Statements Behind the Tears

  11 June 2008

Liu Xiaoyuan interpreted the underlying statements of Yu Qiuyu's “Tearful Plea To Disaster Victims” [zh]. The blogger believes that Yu is spinning for the government and shedding crocodile's tears.

China: Earthquake Animal Victim

  11 June 2008

In order to prevent plague, most of the animals and pets from the earthquake zone were killed. Zhengying remembered many stories about dogs saving or standing by earthquake victims until the last minute and felt very sad about the killing of animals [zh].

China: Self-Victimization Ideology

  11 June 2008

The former Singapore president Lee Kuan Yew recently suggested that when China's middle class grows in size, the educated people would stop perceiving themselves as victims of the West. Xueyong pointed out that in the recent Olympic torch relay protest, the overseas Chinese students continued the East vs. West dichotomy...

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