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Stories about Chinese from July, 2007

China: Citywide taxi strike

  31 July 2007

It seems the ten thousand taxi drivers in one Chinese city have all gone on strike, bloggers are making this much clear. Local media appears not to be reporting on the incident, so the reasons for the job action have yet to be made known.

Hong Kong: Mainstream Media VS Cyber bullying

  27 July 2007

Erynnyes from Those were the days commented on the recent cyber bullying case and pointed out that the blogger and editor Zhou Li had also made unfair comments on Mr. Nike, as she drew groundless correlation between the uploading of Japanese AV to the increase of youth sex crime. The...

China: Reporter Recieved Death Threat

  27 July 2007

Pang Jia-ming wrote in his blog that he had received some death threats through mobile text messages and e-mails. According to another blogger, Wang Kei qin, Pang is an investigative reporter from China Economic Times (zh). In order to show support to Pang, Wang reposted Pang's message.

Hong Kong: Union Organizer Arrested

  27 July 2007

In response to a call from the International Trade Union Confederation(ITF), unionists in Hong Kong organized a peaceful protest at the Iran Consulate in Hong Kong against the illegal arrest of Iranian union leader Mansour Osanloo in July 13. However, according to coolloud citizen report, after two weeks, the organizer...

Hong Kong: Sorry, you have no rights to know

  26 July 2007

The Television and entertainment licensing authory (TELA) has given out 17 advices in the book fair (one of them is the “Love Mythology”), citizen reporter, Ip Iam Chong from inmediahk.net, called up TELA and Trade and Economic Development Bureau to find out which were the 17 books. It takes him...

Hong Kong: King of Kwoloon Pass Away

  26 July 2007

Big sister from Life is but an empty dream… blogs about the King's life. He is also a Mr. Tsang who cliamed he owned the land in Kwoloon district by drawing graffeti in the street (zh). The blogger said he is the pioneer in local civil disobedience. erynnyes from Those...

China: Blogging summer floods

  26 July 2007

As floods continue to rise up across China this summer, leaving hundreds dead and millions fleeing from their homes, citizen reporter bloggers in China have been keeping a close eye on the developments.

Hong Kong: Cyber bullying

  25 July 2007

A newspapers editor and blogger Chow Chauli was attacked by some netizens in her blog's comment section because of her criticism in the newspapers about a B.T user “Nike” who uploaded pornographic films in the internet. Some bloggers defined the case as cyber bullying. Florence who was very sympathetic with...

China: Fake baozi news turned into media control

  25 July 2007

Yang Hang-jun from Horizon 360 comments on the reaction of the party and government officials on the fake baozi news: the propaganda about the news had affected beijing and party image, etc. The writer felt that the issue would turn into an excuse for stricter media control (zh).

China: Soft Advice In a Harmonious Society

  25 July 2007

Wang Lin noticed that there are many “soft and warm advice notices” around China, such as: “Soft and warm advice: please take care of your belonging, if you lose anything, we won't take any responsibility” (zh). The blogger felt that such kind of “soft and warm advice” were a characteristic...

China: Dispossessed farmers beaten

  21 July 2007

The local government wants to build a new administration tower, 240 farmers in Jiangxi province claim, but they don't even have enough to pay us back for the land it will be built on. On July 20 the developer moved on in and the villagers got in the way.

China: Rodent population problem

  16 July 2007

A lake swells and two billion rats flee into farmland, destroying many crops. A massive extermination campaign is launched bringing in ninety tons of rodent in less than a month and leaving bloggers questioning, of all things, their eating habits.

Hong Kong: Selective Prosecution on Illegal Broadcasting

  16 July 2007

The Office of Telecommunication Authority had decided to prosecute guest speakers from a Civic radio channel which organized public broadcast illegally to protest against the government strict control over radio frequencies. Many politicians have spoken at the illegal channel as guest speakers, however, the OTA has selectively prosecuted two of...

Hong Kong: Rubbish Collection Container

  16 July 2007

Citizen reporter one dollar health wrote at inmediahk about the new design of the rubbish collection container [zh]. The Hong Kong government has recently changed the design of rubbish collection container, local cleaners complained that the new design has hurt their bodies as they have to collect the rubbish by...

China: 750,000 annual pollution deaths

  12 July 2007

750,000 premature deaths each year from air and water pollution—a statistic the Chinese government sought to keep secret for fear of social unrest should that be publicly known. Word's out now, and people aren't happy about having been lied to.

China and Taiwan: Presidential House Debate

  12 July 2007

William long blogs a recent debate between China and Taiwan netizen on the marking of presidential house in google map (zh). Some mainland netizens marked the building “Fake Presidential House” and resulted in a debate among netizen across the border.

China: Black cotton factory

  11 July 2007

Wang hao fung from moobol posted a report and photos of an illegal black cotton factory in Wuhan city (zh). Workers were working in a terribly polluted environment.

China: Indifferent society

  11 July 2007

Lui qui lu wei from 1510 criticized the Chinese society being too indifferent and cruel(zh). Recently a young person was drowning in the flood, more than a thousands onlookers surrounded the scene. A year ago, some secondary school girls were forced into prostitution by their teacher, who were not charged...

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