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Stories about Chinese from August, 2007

China: Exploitation in Summer Holiday

  30 August 2007

Tan Weishan reported the exploitation of student workers by a shoe factory in Dongguan. More than a hundred secondary school kids spent their summer holiday working 12 hours a day with RMB$3 (US$0.4) per hour (zh).

Hong Kong: An Old Man Wishing To Live In Jail

  30 August 2007

Luqui Luwei commented on a recent news about an 78 years old man who committed a minor crime in order to go to the jail so that he could at least fill up his stomach. As the income disparity is becoming more and more serious, the blogger felt that the...

China: Websites Forced To Close By Police

  30 August 2007

Vapano from a data company D2EX reported that many Internet Data Centers have received notices from Gong-an (Police department) which forced them to close down thousands of websites. To prevent other clients service being affected, his company has to close down all BBS data storage (zh). The police's policy is...

China: Barcamp 2007

  29 August 2007

Riku from China blogger network reminded the readers that Barcamp 2007 (zh) will be taking place in Shanghai (Sept 8) and Beijing soon (Sept 2). It is an opportunities for Internet users and developers to brainstorm the potential of Internet space.

China: Temporary Reporter System

  28 August 2007

Because of the Fake Baozhi news, many mainstream media in China have fired temporary staffs. CCTV has fired up to 1,800 temporary workers, many are reporters. Zhao shilong has once been a temporary reporter in Southern Weekly magazine, even though he has finally got an office reporter status (with a...

China: Citizen Not People

  28 August 2007

Lao Tuzaizi said he is a “citizen” not “people” because the meaning of “people” is very confusing in China. All government bodies claim to be People's institutes, however, no individual can represent “people”, in the end the definition of “people” is up to the authority (zh), while the concept of...

China: Interest Rate and Pork Price

  27 August 2007

Recently, the interest rate and pork price in China has been rising rapidly, the former is to cool down the stock investment. It is rather obviously the tactic of increase in interest rate is not working, as Youguc notices that people are more concerned with the increase of pork price...

China: Myth Disintegrated

  27 August 2007

Hu ge used to believe that People's Liberation Army had destroyed 12,000 planes from the enemy during the Korea War. However, a recent CCTV programme disclosed that the PLA had shot down 330 enemy planes. The historical myth is then disintegrated (zh).

China: Self-disciplined bloggers

  27 August 2007

Keso commented on the recently passed “code of self-regulation of blog service”. More than a dozen of local blog service providers have signed the code which would demand real name registration of bloggers. The blogger doubted whether such “self-regulation” would really work… (zh)

China: Bringing blogging to the countryside

  26 August 2007

Three years ago this man shot to fame when he blogged a bloody murder that took place in broad daylight downtown Beijing and the botched police handling of the case. Now a veteran of the citizen reporter game, he's taking his blog on the road, to rural northern China.

Hong Kong: Nine-year-old Enters University

  24 August 2007

A nine-year old genus was accepted by the Baptist University of Hong Kong. Willsin thinks that it is ridiculous as the kid doesn't need to enter university to prove that he is a genus and university life in Hong Kong will kill his childhood fun (zh). Erynnyes feels that the...

China: Guidebook On Being A Mistress

  24 August 2007

Wang Xiaofeng is reading a book about “second wife” or mistress (zh). It discusses about the phenomena of “second wife” in China from an economic view point. The writer was once a Taiwanese reporter who collected stories from Taiwan business circle.

Taiwan: The Gentrification of Shih-Da night market

  22 August 2007

Shih-Da night market is one of the most famous night markets in Taipei. (“Shih-Da”(師大) is the abbreviation of National Taiwan Normal University(國立台灣師範大學) in Chinese. The night market is right next to the university.) Its own exotic character is quite different from other night markets. This is because, for decades, many...

China: Struggle Against Land Expropriation

  22 August 2007

Minjian has posted a very detailed report on the struggle against land expropriation in Zhejiang Lungchuen district in 2004 (zh). The report has very detailed description of the interest involved and the process of how rural villagers organized together.

China: Web2.0 listing

  22 August 2007

Kuangfeng has posted a list of new Web2.0 websites in China (zh), which including: consumer maps, investors’ information nexus, friending, drawing and chatting tools, QA platform.

China: Newspapers Frontpage

  22 August 2007

Ah Q weekly posted 5 different local newspapers’ front page. Just look at the layout of covering stories, they are all the same! The blogger jokingly said that all the 5 newspapers had shared one editor (zh).

Hong Kong: Right to Sunshine

  20 August 2007

Ben ng criticized the design of Screen-style buildings in Hong Kong from the view point of right to Sunshine. In recent years, Taiwan and China have passed law to protect such right (zh).

China: Olympic Stadium Designer Boycotts Opening

  20 August 2007

The Designer of Olympic Stadium (so called Bird nest), Ai Wei Wei, announced that he won't attend the Beijing Olympic Opening because the Olympic has turned into a political propaganda (zh). – more from Chen Lei gang.

China: Cold Water Over the Hot Market

  20 August 2007

Recently Shenzhen's stock market’ value has reached RMB20,000 billions. Mr zhang pointed out that within 2 years, the market has increased 6 times and last year China's GDP was just RMB21,000 billions. All the figures are pointing to an overheated market. Worse still, the market is comprised of only 30%...

China: Bridge Disaster News Report Banned

  20 August 2007

The collapse of bridge near Phoenix (Fenghuang) town (a touristic site in Southern China) has leaded to the death of 47 rural workers. It is believed that the disaster was deal to the corruption of local authority. News report has been banned. AHQ Weekly is spoofing the story to protest...

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