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Stories about Chinese from January, 2008

Hong Kong: Party Politics

  31 January 2008

Despite the fact that people are in general cynical about political party, legislator Tsang Yok Shing predicts that the 2017 timetable for universal suffrage will bring party politics to the peak (zh).

China: Internet Privacy

  31 January 2008

Vincent points out that many social networking sites have violated the protection of privacy. For example the fact that spokeo.com can track down hundreds of friends’ online activities via their email accounts is a form of surveillance, probably against the account holders’ will to be left alone.

China: Hu Jia's family become human “state secrets”

  30 January 2008

And likely very skinny ones at this point, having been locked away from journalists and lawyers and bringers of milk formula for over a month now. Since AIDS activist-turned house arrested blogger Hu Jia's arrest, he's been described as a one-man human rights organization, that bloggers like him are the...

China: The Anger of the Weak

  30 January 2008

On his way to the office, Zengying saw a hawker running away from the city control team. He warned the powerful not to neglect the anger of the weak and press them into fighting back.

China: Media Business

  29 January 2008

Fang Jun comments on the development of internet media business in China and points out that the four major elements are: content, brand name, advertisement and distribution channel (zh).

China: Auditing Device for Censorship

  28 January 2008

CNbeta has an anonymous post about new censorship method. It is an auditing device for tracking down uploading and downloading content at schools, hotels, internet cafe, etc.

China: Train Jam

  28 January 2008

Because of the heavy snow in Hunan, the spring train traffic has been seriously affected. The situation in Guangzhou Railway station can be viewed at 56.com (zh). Inmediahk.net has an article written by a mainland reporter, pointing out that the traffic problem at the eve of spring festival has been...

China: A net campaign for the parents of slaves

  25 January 2008

A net campaign has been launched to aid the forgotten victims in the 2007 Chinese slave scandal--- the parents of the kiln workers. They share the pain of their children, the afflicting memory being a life-time scar. Some of their kids are yet lost, while the government is putting no more concern on the issue, leaving them wading alone. The internet is rallying a donation to comfort them with a warm Chinese New Year.

China: Little Match Girl

  23 January 2008

Andersen's story of “Little Match Girl” has a real-life Chinese version in Guiyang (zh). The 8 years old girl's family make their living by collecting rubbish. On 20 of Jan, the weather was -3 to -1 degree celsius and she tried to warm her hands by lighting matches. The photos...

Hong Kong: Facebook Cooling Down

  23 January 2008

Moliuology finds that after a few months of facebook heat, it is now cooling down. There are too many friends, too many applications and too many invitations that people start to ignore the notices (zh).

Hong Kong: Save the Stock Market?

  23 January 2008

Yesterday the Hang Seng Index suffered its biggest one-day fall, some suggested that the government should save the stock market by buying in. Diumanpark responds by asking “are you willing to give 90% of your profit to the government when you win in the stock market?” (zh)

China: Women at The Wheel

  23 January 2008

Tiger temple introduces an online documentary about woman taxi drivers’ life in China. The director is a Chinese migrant in Germany. The whole documentary is streamed at 24hr blogbus (zh).

Hong Kong: Strawberry Kids

  22 January 2008

Duimanpark comments on a recent suicide committed by a nine-year old kid because he only has 80 mark in school test. The blogger is worried about the emerge of strawberry kid phenomena. It refers to too protective and fragile kids who are not able to withstand any pressure (zh).

China: Netizen Growth

  22 January 2008

China Network Information Center has it latest report on the development of Internet released last week. The number of netizens has reached 210 millions in 2007 and the center explain the rapid growth by the increase of rural netizens. Keso finds the 127% growth incredible (zh) and if China keeps...

Hong Kong: Worker Union is Equal to Triad?

  21 January 2008

A district councilor Raymond Ho commented, in an internet video show, on a local artist Eason Chan's urge for the establishment of trade union for creative workers by saying that worker union is equal to triad society. Sidekick points out that local worker unions should demand an open apology from...

Hong Kong: Copycat Design without Attribution

  21 January 2008

Sidekick is angry about local artist Lam Hoi-fung. Not because he has designed his poster by taking reference of Yue Minjin's artwork, but the fact that he refused to give attribution to Yue's work (zh).

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