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Chinese apologize to Tibetans

  29 January 2013

A Facebook Page: Chinese Apologize to Tibetans has been set up by a group of overseas Chinese activists to collect information about the human right situation in Tibet.

Tibetans Outraged by Chinese TV Drama on Tibet

  29 January 2013

A recent TV drama, Tibet's Secret, has outraged many Tibetans who criticize that the director Liu Depin for distorting Tibetan culture and religion. As the drama was broadcasted in the state-run China Central Television (CCTV), the conflict is inevitably political in nature.

“Stop Erasing Hong Kong's History”

  25 January 2013

To prevent Hong Kong's government from destroying public records, citizens call for legislation to protect public archives and the citizens' right to access government information. As one of the supporter puts it, "a place without history is always a colony," and Hong Kong should be decolonized by efficiently documenting the city's own history.

Mainland China's Demand on Infant Formula Milk Becomes a Global Issue

  23 January 2013

The news about anti-Chinese sentiment in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands as a result of the shortage of infant forumla milk is widely discussed in Hong Kong. Dictionary of Politically Incorrect Hong Kong Cantonese has collected the reports and the online discussion on this anti-Chinese sentiment.

Sina Picks Kai-Fu Lee as China's Most Influential Micro-blogger

  23 January 2013

The former head of Google China Kai-Fu Lee, is the most influential man in China’s micro-blogging world, according to Sina Weibo. He topped the popular micro-blogging platform's recently released list, “100 Most Influential Weibo Celebrities.” This post takes a closer look at key opinion leaders in China.

China's Resistance Art Beyond Ai Weiwei

  22 January 2013

Social resistance in the form of action art is getting popular in China. This post introduces readers to an action art group - Made-in-J Town - which staged several body performance in Shandong in 2008, the year of the Beijing Olympic and the year when dissent voices faced the harshest repression.

Scholars Call for an End to China's One-Child Policy

  17 January 2013

China's one-child policy is unshakeable, top family planning official announced on January 14.The announcement, which dismissed speculation that the one-child policy would be scrapped, has triggered another heated debate on Chinese social media.

Outspoken Critic Attacked at Book Promotion in China

  17 January 2013

On January 13, 2013 at a promotion event in Beijing for his book the Whole World Knows, 45-year-old Li Pengcheng, an outspoken critic and former soccer columnist, was slapped on the face by a man who said he was disgusted by the content of Li’s book. Later another man tried to attack him with a knife.

Outspoken Critic's Silence at Book Launch Echoes Across China

  14 January 2013

Outspoken social critic and blogger Li Chengpeng recently released a new book: the Whole World Knows[zh]. Also known as an eloquent public speaker, Li delivered a bold speech on freedom of expression at an elite University in china last November. While the audience expected another speech at Li’s book signing event in his hometown, China’s Sichuan province on Jan 12 2013, what they saw is a silent Li with a mask on his face. His speech was censored.

Infographic: What does China think?

  11 January 2013

What do Chinese citizens think about China's economic situation and the world's leaders?TeaLeafNation and ChinaFile has produced an infographic with detailed analysis based on the Chinese piece on CNpolitics[zh].

China to Surpass the US by 2049?

  10 January 2013

A report released on January 8, 2013, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences says that China is likely to surpass the United States in all areas by 2049, and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will be realized. The statement has been made fun of on Sina Weibo, with netizens urging the real problems in China should be faced.

China's Propaganda Department Threatens to Dissolve Beijing News

  9 January 2013

The impact of the Southern Weekend censorship scandal has spread from Guangdong to Beijing - the capital of China. After the publisher of Beijing News, a sister publication of Southern Weekend, refused to reprint an editorial that accuses "foreign forces" for being behind the Southern Weekend incident, the Beijing Propaganda Department threatened to dissolve the paper.

China Blames “Foreign Forces” for Press Freedom Protests

  8 January 2013

Following protests on press freedom in China triggered by the Southern Weekend censorship incident, China's Central Propaganda Department has issued an urgent notice, blaming the incident on meddling by foreign forces. The word "foreign forces" has triggered a lot of discussion on Sina Weibo.

Censorship Meets Rare Defiance as Journalists Strike in China

  8 January 2013

Southern Weekend, a highly acclaimed newspaper that once lead the wave of media reform in China, has fallen from grace. Soon after the newspaper's official Sina Weibo microblog account issued a statement, which denied the provincial propaganda department's role in the recent censorship and rewriting of its New Year editorial, a legion from the current editorial staff announced a strike, declaring that the official microblog account had been forcefully taken over.

China's Mass Incidents in 2012

  7 January 2013

China's Legal Daily[zh] published a summary of  the 2012 Mass Incident Research Report, analyzing Chinese social media as an increasingly significant factor in mass incidents. DANWEI has translated some highlights of the report.

Unaware, China's Handan City Consumed Toxic Water for Days

  7 January 2013

The people of China's Handan city have been drinking, bathing and washing in toxic water for five days. The city's main water resource - the Zhanghe river - was contaminated by industrial pollutants from neighboring Shanxi Province on December 31, 2012. The local government’s suppression of the news and ignorance of their serious environmental violation has triggered widespread condemnation.

Taiwan's Nuclear-free New Year's Wish

  6 January 2013

The new year celebration was very special this year as popular singers, environmental and youth activists worked together to present a nuclear-free homeland as Taiwanese people's common wish for 2013.

China's Environmental Protests

  6 January 2013

China has seen many protests over environmental issues in the past five years. Chinadialogue analyzed what caused the protests and why environmental issues fail to make any progress in China.

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