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China: gold medals=a great power in sports?

  31 August 2008

51 gold medals, a comment of "truly exceptional" from IOC, and spectacular images left to the world, China held a real party of sports in 16-day Olympics. But does this achievement necessarily mean China has been a super power in sports, and even common people could fully enjoy the glory and health brought by sports?

China: The Cost of a Gold Medal

  29 August 2008

Zhaomu re-posted a forum article which calculated the cost of a gold medal exemplified by the Olympic shooting team. It is estimated that a gold medal costs between RMB30 – 80 millions (around US4.5 – 10 million).

China: Olympic Medals Shape

  28 August 2008

A graphic representation of the distribution of medals shows that China has big tits. The picture was created by Form One high school boy at bbs.163.com.

China: Iphone Girl

  28 August 2008

Dedric Lam from Shanghaiist reports on how the Iphone Girl story has been traveled back to China. Local netizens have created a website for her, iphonegirl.cn, and urged netizens not to human-flesh search and publish her personal data.

China: Cop Killer's Case

  27 August 2008

The Shanghai Cop killer's or Yang Jia case was on court on yesterday (26 of Aug). Both Shanghai citizens and reporters were not allowed to attend the trial as all the seats were booked by local police. Liu Xiaoyuan pointed out that such kind of arrangement is de facto secret...

Taiwan: Where do eggs come from?

  27 August 2008

Mong compared ordinary chicken farm with special chicken farm with a humane environment. The blogger urged consumers to buy eggs with humane label.

China: Photos from inside Tibetan Skynet control room

  26 August 2008

Famed she is, though definitely not for her blogging, which is too bad, because there's no doubt that a lot of people would be interested to see the control-room photos and series of Chinese-language sources that Tibetan writer Woeser has just posted which show just how close of an electronic...

China: Cop-killer online hero case goes on trial

  26 August 2008

Yang Jia's case goes to trial today, after having been postponed for the Olympics. Previously he had been harmonized after having been heroized by many online for walking into a police station in Shanghai last month and killing six cops after what was accepted was an earlier case of injustice...

China: Hacking Tsinghua University Website

  26 August 2008

The Beijing Tsinghua university website was hacked on 24 of Aug. The hacker wrote a fake interview in the website in which the university president said the university system is spoon feeding “shit” to students’ brain. More from matrix at Solidot.

China: Weather Intervention

  26 August 2008

During the Olympics, the Beijing government created artificial rain to secure good weather for the opening and closing ceremonies. Lui Li said that if the government had plan to intervene the weather, it should have forecasted it to the people.

China: Olympic Regrets

  26 August 2008

Chen XueLei reflected upon his Olympic experience since 7 years ago when Beijing applied for the hosting city. Now that the Beijing Olympics has obtained great success on stage, the blogger wonders if it is really a success for the majority of Chinese people.

China: Brain Damaged Netizen Syndrome

  25 August 2008

WangXiaofeng listed out 13 symptoms for indicating whether a netizen is suffered from brain damage. The symptoms include a compulsion to read and comment posts even they don't really understand the texts; there is only right and wrong in their world view, and of course they are always on the...

Taiwan: Hopes in democracy in the midst of corruption scandal

  24 August 2008

In the last two weeks, the Taiwan mainstream media has been occupied with the corruption scandal of the former president, Chen Shiu-Bian. According to the news report, a Swiss bank has spotted a large sum of suspected money (up to a billion Taiwan yuan) transfered from Taiwan to Switzerland and...

China: Protesters’ Trap

  22 August 2008

Two 80 years old protesters was sent to labour education camp as they insisted to demonstrate in the Olympic protest area. Zhongoutese was very angry and said that the Olympic protest area was a trap for dissents.

China: Victims of Sport

  22 August 2008

Xueyong traced the fate of two sportswomen, Guo ping and Zhou Chun-Lai, both were medal carriers and suffered from hardship after their retirement in early age. According to statistic, 40% of the retired sportsman couldn't find a second job.

China: Only Gold Medal Matters?

  21 August 2008

Luqiu Luwei from my1510 criticizes the Chinese mainstream media for giving too much attention to the gold medal winners as if other medal winners or participants haven't been performing good enough to be proud of.

China: Sportswear Sponsor

  21 August 2008

Xueyong noticed that Liu Xiang's withdrawal from Olympics has resulted in the loss of 3 billion yuan for his sportswear sponsors. The blogger pointed out that the focus on one or two sport stars reflected that the development of sport in China is driven from the top, not from public...

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