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China: Blog is Outdated?

  31 October 2008

The 4th Chinese Blogger Conference will be held November 15-16th, 2008, in Guangzhou, China. However, in the past year, there is a continuing discussion in the Chinese blogosphere on whether blog culture is dying down. Moreover, recently bokee.com and blogchina.com, the two earliest BSPs founded by Fang dong-xing (nickname blogfather)...

China: “Criminal” with Human Rights Award

  27 October 2008

Last week (Oct 23) it was announced that the European Parliaments’ Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought has been awarded to Chinese political activist Hu Jia. On the other hand, China government expressed its anger and disappointment at the European Union decision, insisting Hu was a criminal, and described the...

China: To be Dead or Not? Amnesty Appeal for Cop-killer

  27 October 2008

Scores of scholars and journalists appealed of an amnesty for cop-killer Yangjia, arguing it can be a great time to launch a repeal of death sentence. But opposite voices argued no less weakly that, we have better things to do than saving his life.

Hong Kong: Banana Politics

  22 October 2008

The Chief Executive Donald Tsang's policy speech last week didn't give people any surprise. The hottest subject is about Legislator Raymond Wong Yuk-man, Chair of the League of Social Democrats, throwing a banana at Tsang in the Legislative Council during the Q & A session. It marks the beginning of...

China: Microsoft vs. netizens

  21 October 2008

A hard battle is looming. Microsoft vs. millions of piracy users, international corporation vs. developing state, who will win the final victory?

China: Co-operation 2.0 on Beijing’s Black Jails

  17 October 2008

In cooperation with citizen reporter Zhou Shuguang (Zola) and other two journalists Chen Er (Doubleaf) and Guo Jiannong, Xu Zhiyong, who firstly blogged Beijing’s black jails in the end of September, went to visit one of the unlawful prisons again on Monday, attacked by a group of thugs who were allegedly hired by the authorities.

Taiwan: An online protest against the American Institute in Taiwan

  16 October 2008

After being denied a U.S. tourist visa in September, Taiwanese artist Chen Chieh-jen started a website against the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) called, "I suspect that you intend to stow away to the U.S.". Here people share their stories of being mistreated by officials and denied entry to the United States.

China: Student killed by police, but wins not much sympathy

  16 October 2008

Yang jia, all by himself, killed 6 police at Shanghai in July. Then on Oct 11, a few days ago, 6 police killed 1 college student in a northern city of China. Is a vicious circle of violence starting? But after the video clip of the scene was exposed, the victim lost most of his support.

Macau: Netizen charged for reporting on Bank Run

  14 October 2008

A school teacher passed through a bank in Macau where a group of people were trying to withdraw all their money in fear of the financial crisis. At home, he wrote his brief reflections on what he saw in an online forum, only to be charged by the police for "fabricating dangerous information", and later to be sued by the bank for criminal libel.

China: Melamine Inevitable, even for EU Commissioner

  10 October 2008

Peter Mandelson, European Commissioner for Trade, drank a cup of milk in China. 9 days later, he was found inflicted by a great pain in kidney. Is the association between the two more dramatic than his surprise return to British cabinet? Chinese bloggers gave us their guesses.

China: Melamine is Inevitable?

  10 October 2008

In Oct 7, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine jointly issued a notice which state the upper limit of melamine in milk product. For infant...

China: 40 Missing Children's Parents Petition Journey to Beijing

  8 October 2008

The news of 40 parents petitioning in Beijing for their missing children has been censored by the mainstream media and major internet news portals in China. Blogger Beifeng re-posts a first-person account from one of the petitioning parents in his blog, and urges readers to spread the news.

China: Great Depression?

  8 October 2008

Ruan Yifeng notices that back in 2004 an economist has predicted the economic situation in China as various figures showed that China was caught in a condition similar to the U.S in 1929, the eve before the great depression [zh].

Hong Kong: Netizen Against Introduction of Internet Filtering

  5 October 2008

The Hong Kong government has issued a consultation paper on the “Review of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance” last Friday (Oct 3). The first round of consultation will be lasted until end of January. A most controversial issue is the suggestion on introduction of an internet filtering...

China: Giving a hand to rescue U.S?

  3 October 2008

Now, the financial crisis originated from U.S is going to sweep the globe. As the closest trade partner of U.S, China is struggling over the question: should it give a hand to help America out of the abyss? Or are we able to? But some netizens are thinking even further.

China: What Has My Country Done For Me?

  3 October 2008

ESWN translated an article, What has my country done for me? from Southern Weekend's special issue for the 59 anniversary of the Nation. Other articles in the special issue includes: What have I done for my country?[zh] What else can my country do for me?[zh] What else can I do...

Hong Kong: Banned Halloween Ads

  2 October 2008

Every year, the Ocean Park in Hong Kong would organize Halloween party for attracting visitors. However, its advertisements faced a lot of complaints from the public. This year, some of its clips were banned. But one of the the banned clip is now circulated via youtube and has attracted a...

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