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Stories about Chinese from September, 2007

Taiwan: Whose land?

  29 September 2007

The indigenous Smangus people consider a wind-fall beech tree is in their territory, but the Forestry Bureau doesn't agree. Bloggers discuss, how do we decide who is the owner of the land?

China: Reality shows forbidden

  29 September 2007

No one would forget how popular Super Girl was on 2005. As a talent-search reality competition, it created a miracle both in economy and culture impact. Besides over 400 millions viewers watching the final episode, varied fans clubs founded across China and a revenue of 9 figures high in total,...

China: Chinese Government's Role In Myanmar

  28 September 2007

Bonnae from 1510.com comments that the recent crisis in Myanmar has put Beijing in an embarrassed position as there will be more international pressure to China on the one hand, on the other hand, there is some economic interest between China and Myanmar, for example, there is a planned oil...

China: Should Citizen Reporter Get Sponsor For News?

  28 September 2007

The first self-claimed citizen reporter in China, Zoula, tries to engage in a discussion on whether or not citizen reporter should get sponsor for their reports (zh). Zoula has been reporting on news about nail house and forced land expropriation. From time to time, he receives cash and material sponsor...

China: Bloggers side with Burmese monks

  28 September 2007

Chinese government talk of non-intervention in the violent crushing of democracy protests this week in the Myanmar capital Yangon hasn't resonated much with a number of high-profile Chinese bloggers, with several taking the risk of openly joining the Red Shirt for Burma campaign and calling for their readers to do the same.

Hong Kong: Fire Dragon Dance

  26 September 2007

Jacky Szeto posts some great photos of fire dragon dance at Taihang in Hong Kong (zh). It is a traditional ceremony during mid-autumn festival in Hong Kong. The dragon will dance for three days, and tonight will be the last day.

China: Mid Autumn Festival Logo

  26 September 2007

Many Internet Portal websites in China has put up their new logo for the Mid Autumn Festival. Kuangfeng puts up 5 major websites’ logos design for a comparison (zh).

Taiwan: Flickr.tw

  24 September 2007

CK received a letter from a lawyer representing Flickr. The letter demands him to close the website and hand over the domain flickr.tw (zh) back to Yahoo! because it has violated the company's trademark. Many Taiwan bloggers criticized Yahoo! for its legal action. In Hemidemi's bookmark (zh), some comments point...

China: Forced Land Expropriation

  24 September 2007

1 bao has a detailed report on forced land expropriation case in Zhejian, Lunchuan. In order to protect their land, local villagers sued the local government for illegal expropriation of farmland. Even though the State Department has expressed concern over the case and demanded the local government to handle the...

China: Open Coal Mine

  21 September 2007

Tiger temple writes a report on the condition of an open coal mine in Shanbei (zh). The whole landscape has turned upside down because of the mining. The report is in Chinese, but there are a number of photos in the post.

China: Oversea Students

  21 September 2007

Kaie looks at the statistic of Harvard students and finds out that Chinese is the biggest community in the University. And among the Chinese students, a majority comes from Mainland China and 60% of them are taking PhD.

China: On the tazing

  20 September 2007

Actually, as with almost everything major that happens in America—even Michelle Malkin has multiple Chinese names—people from all corners of China have seen and heard all about Don't Tase Me Bro! Internet news and blogging crossover site Netease has a unique function where all commenters are identified by region, and...

China: 17 Correlations for the 17th Party Congress

  20 September 2007

Wang Ling spoofs the 17 Party Congress in the coming October by listing out 17 correlations. For examples, 8 honors + 8 humiliations + harmonious society = 17; control the price of pork to 17 yuan per 0.5 kilogram; close 17,000 websites before the congress; etc (zh).

Hong Kong: Book Distribution

  19 September 2007

Recently the publisher of a political spoof about Chief Executive Donald Tsang's Spin Doctor failed to find any distributor in Hong Kong for distributing the book to local bookstore. Buto from inmediahk.net interviewed the publisher who explained that the book distribution business in Hong Kong is highly monopolized by one...

China: Netizen Juries Fighting For Justice

  18 September 2007

Wenbin in V360 posts a report about an injustice prosecution (zh): a young person (Pan Yue) helped bringing an old lady who fell down in the bus stop to a hospital in Nov 2006 in Nanjing. It turned out that the hospital fee was huge (RMB40,000) and the old lady's...

China: Web 2.0 Resists Brain Washing

  18 September 2007

Songsoa notices that Web 2.0 is not only a technological development, it has the power to resist brain washing propaganda of mass media. The appearance of mu zi mei, hu ge, and other seemingly immoral bloggers, signifies the disintegration of official propaganda (zh).

China: Hackers

  18 September 2007

Recently there are reports saying that Chinese hackers have been attacking foreign websites, some speculate that the hackers are government sponsored. William long recently also has the experience of being attacked with ARP poisoning and Trojan (zh). He feels that to some extends the Chinese government has to be responsible...

Hong Kong: Government Leaded Land Enclosure

  17 September 2007

Chong visited the wet market in Central in last weekend. He noticed that the old market has managed to survive despite the gentrification of nearby bars and restaurants. However, because of the intervention or “land enclosure policy” of government via the Urban Re-development Authority (URA), the century old market is...

China: Has Crazy English gone crazy?

  17 September 2007

“Stand up, those who refused to be slaves……,” This is what Chinese national anthem tells. But in a class by Li Yang in Crazy English, over 3000 students kneeled down to their teachers. Is this a real thanksgiving or just a brainwashing of how to be a slave?

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