Haiti Earthquake 2010

Haiti EarthquakeAt 16:53 local time on January 12, the Caribbean nation of Haiti was struck by an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale. In a country routinely referred to as the poorest in the western hemisphere, the devastation has been dramatic and widespread. In addition to the mounting casualties and loss of life and property, the damage to the country's already fragile infrastructure has been severe. The earthquake was centered just outside of Port-au-Prince, the capital, and was followed by several strong aftershocks.

In spite of power outages and interruptions in phone service, and generally poor access to Internet in Haiti, citizen media reports of the earthquake are coming in, with blogs, photos, Twitter, phone, mapping platforms, and streaming video and radio all being used to report conditions.

We'll be updating this page as we receive more information.

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Firsthand reports from the Global Voices team in Haiti
Feb 1 – Global Voices in Haiti: The Grand Rue Artists, After the Earthquake
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Jan 30 – Global Voices in Haiti: On Reconstruction
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Jan 29 – Global Voices in Haiti: Arriving in Port-au-Prince
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Selected Global Voices posts about the earthquake
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Jan 12 – In aftermath of earthquake, eyewitness tweets from Haiti

– Curated Twitter feed of users based in Haiti
– The “hashtag” #Haiti is being used worldwide for news and information about humanitarian aid
– The “hashtag” #relativesinhaiti is being used by Haitians in the diaspora who are still trying to locate missing relatives
– The “hashtag” #bresma #Haiti gives information about the Bresma Orphanage in Haiti

Haiti blogs covering the earthquake (Haiti-based)
The Livesay [Haiti] Weblog
Pour ne pas oublier… (French)
Le Réseau Citadelle (French)
Pwojé Espwa – Hope In Haiti
Haiti, Land of Freedom
Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center
how can they hear
The Life and Times of the Mangine Many

Other blogs about Haiti
– Boston Haitian Reporter | http://www.bostonhaitian.com/
– Haitifeed | http://www.haitifeed.com/
– The Haitian Blogger | http://thehaitianblogger.blogspot.com/
– Dying in Haiti | http://dyinginhaiti.blogspot.com/
– Konbit Pou Ayiti | http://www.konpay.org/
– Lougou Corner | http://lougoucorner.blogspot.com/
– Designer Mama | http://designermama-manaallamano.blogspot.com/
– Le Coin de Pierre [Fr] | http://jfjpm.blogspot.com/
– Dispatches from a fragile island | http://www.haititales.com/

YouTube channel of Haitian media outlet Le Nouvelliste

Other information resources
– Wikipedia | Haiti Earthquake
– Ushahidi | Local reports of devastation are being recorded on an online map by UN OCHA/Colombia and the International Network of Crisis Mappers (CM*Net). Submit reports of incidents online. Read about the genesis of the map here.
– US Geological Survey podcast answering questions about the earthquake
– PBS MediaShift | Best Online Resources for Following Haiti News, Taking Action
– CNN's iReport
Earthquake rocks Haiti has photos and video, and there is a special section for those seeking loved ones in Haiti.
– The New York Times has a page dedicated to helping locate missing persons in Haiti
The Lede (The New York Times Blog) posts updates on rescue and recovery in Haiti
Haiti.org.br | Website by independent Brazilian journalists with updates from both mainstream media and their sources on the ground in Haiti
– ReliefWeb | A preliminary map of damage in Port-au-Prince
New York Times relief map graphic giving some geological context and highlighting affected areas
– ICRC | Family News Network of the International Committee of the Red Cross, dedicated to helping people find missing relatives in Haiti
– Google Crisis Response | Google's Person Finder for the Haiti earthquake
– ICT4Peace Inventorisation Wiki | A list of resources connected to the earthquake, many of them linked to information on the ground
Mediahacker | Special coverage page on Haiti updated by an independent multimedia US journalist based in Port-au-Prince

Ushahidi Haiti

Haitian media
Radio One Haiti
– Haitipal.com is streaming live video and audio in French and Haitian Creole.
Metropole Haiti
Television Nationale d'Haiti
Radio Kiskeya
Signal FM

Articles about citizen media and the Haiti earthquake
Jan 15 – Journalism in the Americas | Haiti’s news media begin to rebuild; how to help?
Jan 14 – The Independent | Current Twitter trends: Haiti aid organizations use Twitter to help raise money
Jan 14 – CNN.com | Twitter hoax spreads rumors of airlines’ free flights to Haiti
Jan 14 – USA Today | Facebook, Twitter 2-way ‘lifeline’ for Haiti
Jan 13 – Times Online Twitter's human touch amid the horror of Haiti
Jan 13 – Miami New Times | Silicon Beach: Twitter Hits Ground Running for Haiti Earthquake Relief
Jan 13 – PC World | Tech Tools Tell the Story of Earthquake in Haiti
Jan 13 – Fox News | In Haitian Earthquake Disaster, Twitter Gets the Word Out
Jan 13 – Miami Herald | Testimonials and requests for help from Haiti on the web
Jan 13 – Dan Kennedy – Media Nation | Citizen media and the earthquake in Haiti.
Jan 13 – Columbia Journalism Review | “New” Media Crucial in Aftermath of Haitian Earthquake
Jan 13 – Ethan Zuckerman – My Heart's in Accra | “Following the Haitian earthquake online