World Cup Impact 2010

Global Voices is getting ready for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa!

In 2010, the FIFA World Cup will be held on African soil for the first time. Is South Africa ready to organize such a highly-anticipated event? The country has made record infrastructure investments in hopes that the World Cup will push economic development that stretches beyond the month-long tournament. What will the World Cup mean for the millions of South African living below the poverty line? What will the event mean for the rest of the African continent?

South Africans and citizens of all nations will be expressing their thoughts on these and other questions in online citizen media. Global Voices bloggers will listen! Over the course of the tournament we will bring you the conversations that are taking place in citizen media through:

1. Featured stories from online citizen media in multiple languages
2. Hot tweets via our (@2010) Twitter account (or Spanish @2010es)3. Live chats during matches featuring bloggers from competing nations.

Citizen media projects covering the 2010 World Cup:

World Cup Reporting at Development News Africa – A project of Highway Africa
Twenty Ten – Collection of online multimedia content by African and African-based writers.
The Global Game – Original reporting about the game of football by John Turnball
Maneno World Cup Focus – World Cup multi-lingual blogging
Who Should I Cheer For? - looking at the competing nations from a social justice point of view.

Featured Global Voices stories about the 2010 World Cup

12 July – Brazil: Prejudice against Paraguay in the Media
12 July – Peru: Watching the World Cup Finale from Afar
11 July – Middle East: World Cup Final Thoughts
11 July – Serbia: Fans Outraged by FIFA's Sanctions Against Serbia Coach Radomir Antic
10 July – Morocco: Controversy Over the Wage of New National Football Manager
9 July – Nigeria: Who changed the President's mind— Facebook or FIFA?
7 July – Global: Paul the German Octopus Calls Another Match
6 July – Ghana: Africa's Time That Never Was
5 July – China: Why is Chinese football so weak?
4 July – Myanmar: World Cup Reactions
2 July – Chile: Bielsa and Piñera, When Football Meets Politics
2 July – Brazil: Football and Patriotism During the World Cup
2 July – Ghana: The Black Stars on the brink of making history
1 July – Watch The World Cup with Global Voices: Live Chat for Uruguay vs. Ghana
30 June – World Cup 2010: Who's to blame for Nigeria's performance?
29 June – Spain: The Prospect of Catalonia Competing On Its Own
28 June – Japan and the World Cup: Silencing the critics
25 June – South Africa: The social media world of vuvuzelas
24 June – Martinique, Guadeloupe: French Football Flop now Racial Controversy?
23 June – Brazil: “CALA BOCA TADEU SCHMIDT”, Phenomenon Continued
23 June – South Korea: World Cup and Monopolistic Gambling
22 June – Nigeria: Reactions to Sani Kaita's red card on Facebook
20 June – Israel: World Cup Bonanza – Back to the Game
17 June – Cambodia: Reactions to the 2010 World Cup Season
17 June – Mexico: Ready to Play France
17 June – Netherlands: Two women arrested at World Cup for promoting wrong beer
17 June – South Korea: Tensions Went Under World Cup Anesthestia
16 June – South Africa: Tonight, it's not just a game
14 June – Ghana: Bloggers celebrate Ghana's victory over Serbia
14 June – Greece: World Cup-Mania Provides Respite from Financial Crisis
14 June – Algeria: Disappointment and Anger After the Defeat against Slovenia
14 June – South Africa: The Vuvuzela World Cup Debate
14 June – Brazil: The “CALA BOCA GALVAO” Phenomenon
14 June – Global: Tweeting the USA/England Match
13 June – Macedonia: Gender Aspects of the Football World Cup
11 June – Peru: Watching the World Cup from Afar
11 June – Arab World: Where the Streets are Quiet During Football Games
10 June – Watch The World Cup with Global Voices: Live Chat for Uruguay vs. France
10 June – Uruguay: Social Media Keeps Fans Updated on La Celeste
9 June - South Korea: 3D World Cup Broadcast and the Square
3 June – Tanzania: Will Tanzania benefit from playing Brazil?
28 May – Bangladesh: FIFA World Cup, Memories From The Past
28 May – South Africa: FEEFA 2.010 Whirled Cup Sowth Afrika!
26 May – South Africa: The World Cup is Coming to Grahamstown
24 May – Eto'o's Success Lifting Cameroon ‘s Hope
21 May – South Africa: Build up to the world cup
21 May – South Africa: Economic benefits of 2010 World Cup
18 May – Côte d'Ivoire – Ghana: Friends and Foes at World Cup 2010
18 May – Levant: Bloggers start warming up for World Cup 2010
9 May – Palestine: Gaza Hosts Its Own Soccer World Cup
7 May – South Africa: It’s Time to Diski
4 May – South Africa:2010 FIFA World Cup theme song raises interesting views
24 April – South Africa: The World Cup is here
17 April – South Africa: Ticketing woes as 2010 World Cup approaches
2 March – South Africa: 2010 Soccer World Cup – 100 Days and counting…