Israel Flotilla Raid 2010

Freedom Flotilla - On The Way

Freedom Flotilla – On The Way (photo by FreeGaza, reproduced under Creative Commons Licence)

The Gaza flotilla clash occurred on 31 May 2010 in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea, when Israeli naval forces seized a flotilla of six ships carrying international activists, known as the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla”, who were planning to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza and deliver humanitarian supplies. According to Israeli sources, their forces boarded the flotilla after it had declined to change its course to the port of Ashdod, where Israel had promised to inspect the aid and deliver non-banned items to Gaza.

Between nine and sixteen passengers of the Comoros-flagged MV Mavi Marmara were reported killed by Israeli soldiers who landed on the ship, 10 Israeli soldiers were seriously injured. Israel defended its actions, saying its soldiers were attacked with knives and metal bars. (Read more about this current event on Wikipedia)

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